10 Appalling Driving Habits

Everyone has small bad driving habits such as not putting the hand brake on when at traffic lights or changing gears when the engine is roaring, but none of these annoy other drivers on the road. Here are the top 10 appalling driving habits that get on other drivers nerves:

1. Tailgating- Nobody likes a driver who tailgates as they place you under pressure when driving and put you and your car at risk of being in an accident. This is definitely in the top 10 appalling driving habits as we know how bad some drivers follow others that cause pile ups of 5 and 6 cars on the roads.

2. Running lights- Some drivers don’t slow down at amber lights but speed up! There philosophy is if the person before them gets through so are they. This isn’t the attitude to have at all and you should approach traffic lights with causation as they may turn at any time.

3. Poor use of indicators- Poor use of indicators doesn’t help anyone on the road especially other drivers. It’s an appalling driving habit that can be easily fixed. Use indicators when emerging, exiting and turning to show other drivers what you’re intending to do.

4. Undertaking- Undertaking is an appalling and dangerous driving habit. You’re told not to undertake on your driving lessons for a number reasons as it annoys other drivers, is dangerous and you will fail your driving test for doing it.

5. Not making normal progress- Whether this is in the right hand lane or not you should always go the speed limit if it’s safe and clear to do so as you’re taught on your driving lessons. Only use the right hand lane when making progress on another driver and never block this lane up by going to slow and force other drivers to undertake.

6. Drivers who make too much progress- We’re talking about speeding here and it’s just as bad as travelling below the speed limit. It’s proven to make accidents more severe with more fatalities and that’s why it’s in our list of 10 appalling driving habits.

7. Drivers who cut others up- been cut up by a selfish, dangerous driver is something that everyone will experience whether its someone pulling out from the side of a road, existing when they shouldn’t on a roundabout or even on a dual carriage way. This is appalling habit number seven and should be eradicated from your driving.

8. No courtesy- drivers with no courtesy don’t help anyone and you’re taught how you should act when on the road. You should remember what you learnt on your driving lessons when it comes to courtesy on the road and have some of it as it’s a very annoying driving habit if you don’t.

9. Drinking and driving- This is by far one of the most appalling driving habits and is now looked down upon by society as somebody intoxicated shouldn’t have control of a car. You don’t see this behaviour as much anymore but some are still convicted of it, if you see a driver swaying on the road make sure you keep your distance from them as you can’t anticipate their actions.

10. Multi-tasking- Some drivers think they can talk on the phone, eat and mess around with the radio all whilst driving and they’re usually all over the road. When driving you should only be focused on the road and it’s a very annoying and not to mention a dangerous habit.

There you have the 10 most appalling driving habits. Make sure you don’t do any of the above whilst driving as they’re all very dangerous and inconsiderate to other drivers. Keep the good habits you’re taught when you learn to drive and you should have no problem avoiding the above.

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