10 Items You Should Always Keep In Your Car

Driving is something that you do every day and that you are quite used to. However, determining what you should keep in your car on a regular basis actually has you a bit stumped. What are 10 items to never leave home without?

Updated Car Insurance Policy

Even if you do not plan to drive far, you never know where and when an accident could occur. Therefore, you must keep an updated copy of your car insurance policy in the vehicle. Generally, these policies are updated every six months, so keep an eye out for yours in the mail.

Your Registration

You want to have your registration in the car when you are driving in the event that you are pulled over or need to prove that you are the registered owner of the car. Some choose to take the registration out with them in case the car was stolen.

Phone Charger

While you should not be fiddling with your phone while you are driving, this tool is an important one to keep in the vehicle. If you were stranded and your cell phone battery died, you would definitely need its help to get you back on track.

First Aid Kit

Speaking of being stranded, a first aid kit can also come in really handy if something was to happen. Now, let’s say that an accident occurs on the road. Unless you are 100 percent certain that you are treating the person correctly, you usually want to leave this to the professionals.

Emergency Supplies

Again, if the car breaks down, you really need to be prepared. Having blankets, water and non-perishable food products in the vehicle is a really smart idea. Keep non-perishable foods for your little ones in there as well.

Flashlights and Extra Batteries

Whether you are stopped in the dark because of an accident, emergency or flat tire, you need to be able to see. You should have a spare flashlight in case one breaks and some extra batteries so that you do not lose power.

GPS and Maps

You need to have both of these tools in your car in case you get lost. Do not rely solely on the GPS as it might not receive a signal in certain areas. Take the GPS out when you exit the vehicle.

Your Child’s Car Seat

Even if you do not think you are going to be driving your child today, you never know when you might have to pick him or her up. A child without a car seat is extremely dangerous on the road.

Necessary Medications

If you suffer from severe allergies, diabetes or other such conditions, you always want to have your medications on you. In the event that something happened, you would be able to pull over to the road and take care of yourself.

Important Phone Numbers

Of course, many people have their phone numbers in their cell phone contact list. For those who do not have a cell phone, you need to write down the important numbers on a piece of people. If you do not have necessary information already in your phone, you must be sure to bring those numbers along with you.

Once again, you do not necessarily want to leave all of these items in your car when you are not in it yourself. Just make sure they are there when you are.

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