10 Motorcycle Tips For New Riders

There has never been a better time to purchase a motorcycle then now. With the prices of gas not going down anytime soon it may be time to start thinking about switching to a bike. It could save you some serious money! Depending on what you drive you’re most likely getting somewhere between 14-25 miles per gallon right now. If you have a long drive to and from work each day gas can seem to take up a good portion of your paycheck. When looking into purchasing a motorcycle there are some important factors for you to consider. Motorcycles are built in all different types of sizes and speeds, so you will need to decide which one is right for you. In this article I will be going over 10 simple tips to help out anyone who is new to the wonderful experience of riding motorcycles.

Stick To Bikes With Smaller Engines

Go with a motorcycle with a smaller engine if you really want to maximize gas mileage. Going out and buying a super fast bike with a huge engine isn’t going to be what you were looking for when you decided to switch from a car to a bike.

Don’t Speed

Speed kills. Literally. Statistics show that over 77% of motorcycle related accidents last year were due to excessive speeding. Stick to the speed limit and if something goes wrong, you have time to react and possibly lay the bike down instead of crashing fatally.

Check Your Bike Often

Before heading to work, school, gym, or wherever else you may need to go, take a quick glance at your bike to make sure that everything looks normal. It is always important to make sure your bike is safe before riding it.

Don’t Rev Your Engine

Not only do you look dumb doing this, it isn’t good for your bike. Similar to revving up a car it will heat up the engine and can cause problems in the long run.

Check The Weather

If it looks like the weather is not going to be good for the day, then it is probably a good idea to find an alternative source of transportation. Contact a friend or co-worker and see if you can hitch a ride with them. There is nothing safe about riding a motorcycle in the rain or snow.

Watch Out For Other Drivers

Remember, you’re now the small and exposed guy on the road. People may not see you on a motorcycle so it is extra important to be aware of what everyone is doing around you. Drivers can make sudden turns into lanes or in front of you and accidents can happen easily.

Wear Your Helmet

Although different states have different laws regarding helmets, it is always best to wear one. You may not be doing anything wrong but if someone else bumps into your motorcycle and you fly off you may crack you head open, or even worse, without protection.

Wear Gloves And Boots

You will want to get a good set of gloves and boots before you go out riding. Reason being is that if you ever do take a spill you will want something to protect your hands when you land face first. Boots are recommended for instances where the bike may tip over or fall. You sure don’t want a few thousand pounds of metal on your feet without some type of protection.

Try To Stand Out

Distracted drivers often overlook motorcyclists, so it is important that you make sure to try and stand out as much as possible. A driver may not see you on your motorcycle at nighttime in a black shirt, but if you have a bright yellow vest on with reflectors chances are they will.

Pay Attention

The last tip I have for you is to just make sure you are always paying attention to absolutely everything. Don’t ever get to cocky and think you can go speeding around streets and making fast turns because chances are you will end up wiping out at some point or another.

Riding a motorcycle can not only save you money, but it can also be a great past time as well. If you understand all the rules of the road, and make sure your motorcycle is always in tiptop shape before you go for a ride, you should have no problems on your new endeavors as a biker.

Dean Saliba

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