2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry: An Ideal Family Car

Who is the 2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry for? Well, the hybrid Camry is perfect for those who are on the lookout for a high quality family sedan which provides superior safety and excellent fuel economy. If you think that this is the right car for you and your family but you want to check out its features a little bit more, then you are certainly in the right place. Let us take a more in-depth look at what the 2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry has to offer, shall we?

2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry – What Makes It a Great Family Car

Sharper exterior. With its more angular lines, more aggressive front grille and a refreshing headlight design, the hybrid Camry definitely looks a lot sharper and sportier.

Improved performance. The 2012 hybrid Camry comes with a 2.5 liter, four-cylinder engine which produces 156 hp and 156 pound-feet of torque, a definite improvement from its predecessor which is only capable of producing 147 hp and 138 pound-feet of torque. The electric motor is very much capable of taking over when driving at low speeds to effectively save on fuel consumption. When taken together, however, the engine is capable of producing up to 200 hp and can definitely drive faster as compared to its Ford and Hyundai counterparts.

Enhanced fuel economy. For sure, you will definitely find a pleasant surprise at the pump since the hybrid Camry XLE now has an EPA of 41 mpg (city)/38 mpg (highway) while the lighter LE does even better at 43 mpg (city)/39 mpg (highway). How did this hybrid car achieve this feat? Well, taking about 250 pounds off the total weight, putting a water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation system and an improved aerodynamic design definitely helped.

Improved safety features. The 2012 hybrid Camry comes with an electronic stability system, antilock brakes and 10 standard airbags to ensure the safety of its passengers. The XLE also offers a blind spot monitoring system for enhanced safety. You will be glad to know that this hybrid model received a five-star rating for overall crash protection, another five-star rating for overall side protection and a four-star rating for overall frontal protection. That is what you call absolute safety for your family!

More luxurious interior. Gone are the cheap looking plastics that line the interior of the old Camry. You would not see them anymore in this model, that’s for sure! The interior of this hybrid model also boasts of metallic tech grain trim, a more attractive dashboard panel, and an upgraded audio system. It also features more leg, elbow and trunk space as compared to the previous models.

With all these features, the 2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry has all the makings of a great family car. Are you ready to take it for a test drive?

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