Fitting Winter Tyres And Taking Care On The Roads

People often debate as to whether winter tyres are necessary but they can be a great change to make if the weather does get really bad. It can also depend on where you live, if you live on a steep hill or on high ground where rain and snow would be more prominent then it would be a highly useful thing to do. Winter tyres do have some great qualities and can save damage to your summer tyres too.

Most people make the switch to winter tyres during November and December time when winter starts to set in. Winter tyres should only be fitted when the temperature outside is less than 7 degrees Celsius otherwise summer tyres should be fitted as they will provide the best grip. It is best to fit the tyres on a calm day when rain or snow isn’t present; you can take them to a garage to be fitted by a professional. When having winter tyres fitted, it is best to contact your insurer to check if they need to be informed as some require you to.

Compared to ordinary tyres during bad weather winter tyres are meant to stop your vehicle 11 metres before a summer tyre would be able to stop when travelling at 20mph on an icy road. Everybody should take more care driving in bad conditions and with the extra grip of these tyres would make the journey safer. They will also last 2-3 winters if taken care of and using these for a few months will also save extra wear on your winter tyres. March time is usually when it starts to warm up in the UK and is when people often make the switch.

As well as taking the precaution of having special tyres fitted for extra safety there are various other ways to prepare for winter. It is always a good idea to pack a few essential in the boot; they are stored away so not affecting you but might just come in handy. Some items should include food, water, a blanket, warmer clothes and a shovel. Also check your battery as this is one of the highest causes of breakdowns during the winter time. Adjust your driving skills, going slower during ice and snow is vital so simply set off a bit earlier to be on time. Keep a good distance from yourself and the vehicle in front, even with winter tyres on to be on the safe side.

Is Mini Cooper Still All-Conquering or Is the Abarth Much Better?

For a long time now, since it was reinvented in 2001 by BMW, seekers of a compact car have automatically chosen a Mini Cooper above any other competitor. Is this out of its engineering superiority, superb design or dynamic repertoire? Well, whatever it is Fiat is now up to the game and the eventual outcome of the competition will only be determined by the consumer. We must however admit that Mini Cooper’s silhouette remains distinctively attractive with a retro yet modern styling that offers unparalleled appeal to young drivers, and if any automaker has to gain the upper hand then it’s not going to be achieved in a midsummer’s dream.

Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Let’s begin in the showroom: everything about the Abarth screams “buy me,” while the Mini is more reserved in its undertaking. The Abarth’s 135 horsepower turbocharged engine, knee-trembling delightful styling and an array of seductive interior features relegates the Mini to an inferior position, but the latter’s exterior is more engaging. On the inside, the big central speedometer and toggle switches bring in a classical connotation to the Mini while the Abarth has a simpler layout but still plays the retro card. Twin exhausts give the Abarth’s posterior an aggressive look and it drives on 16 inch alloys as opposed to the Mini’s 15 inches, while the Mini’s strengths here are the dual colour scheme, massive wheel arches, a straight-top roofline and the “Aston Martinistic” grille. The Mini Cooper Rocketman’s innovative entry points are like no other and admittedly, the Mini carries home the trophy here.

Celebrity cars

Mini Cooper has been largely under spotlight by celebrities, appearing in music videos by Sean Paul, Bruno Mars, Roman Virgo, Konshens, Rihanna and Lady Gaga in addition to being Mr. Bean’s unique car that is locked with a padlock. Fiat Abarth has appeared in Jennifer Lopez’s video, and though it has not had as many musical appearances it has featured as a fashion car by Gucci, boasting the designer’s stripes and label on the sides and seats. Now who wouldn’t want that?

The drive

Mini’s steering delivers precise, agile responses while the Fiat Abarth 500 places old school thrills ahead of refinement. The Fiat car also feels so much responsive and faster, tearing along straights and accelerating out of corners like a demented terrier. Its turbocharged engine is way more powerful than the Mini’s, has more power to weight ratio and has a more capacious boot. The aspect that defines the Mini on the move is the steering, and this remains its biggest strength. It is also a firm ride compared to the Fiat which is quite hard on the road. The Fiat however remains the most exciting to drive, and if you are in the right mood you will find it as the only genuine hot hatch here. Fans of the Mini Cooper, who are mostly women, are merely driven by looks but for the “real driver,” the winner is undeniably the Fiat Abarth 500.

Most Common Reasons for Road Rage

Aggressive driving means that a driver is operating a vehicle in a manner that jeopardizes other peoples’ lives or property. It’s one of the most common reasons for car crashes. Statistics show that it causes even more accidents than drunk driving. When driving aggressively, people commit a lot of traffic violations, including speeding, running red lights, tailgating and weaving. Aggressive drivers often yell and make offensive gestures to other drivers and they always think it’s someone else’s fault whenever they get involved in an accident.

Speeding is one of the most common factors that lead to aggressive driving. A lot of people think that exceeding the speed limit by a small margin is not so dangerous and it’s justified if they are late for work or for some appointment. So, they cut you off, not paying attention to whether they are going to cause an accident or not. They run red lights, endangering other drivers’ and pedestrians’ lives. Red light runners are responsible for about 200,000 injuries per year.

There are multiple reasons as to why aggressive driving occurs so often. One reason is that are more and more vehicles on the streets and highways, which become too crowded and congested, so it takes more time for people to get to their destinations, which makes them anxious and frustrated, and that leads to aggressive driving. Other contributing factors to aggressive driving include stress and frustration caused by everyday problems that may not be related to the situation on the road at all.

Aggressive driving can easily transferable to other drivers. It’s easy to become aggressive if you see someone cutting you off or is driving too closely behind you. That’s why you have to stay calm and don’t respond in an aggressive manner. If you ever find yourself in a road rage situation, you should just back off, slow down and ignore all provocations. Make sure that you drive safely, with your seatbelt on and if the situation escalates, just call the police.

If you don’t want to become an aggressive driver, you should always plan ahead how much you need to get to your destination and leave on time so you don’t have to run red lights or exceed speed limits. Also, don’t get distracted by talking on the phone or focus your attention to the stereo or other devices.