What Are The Drivers Hours Rules?

Whenever you are on the road and driving a certain length of a journey, you have to keep in mind that you are fully functioning under a system, and that even when you are seemingly free, you are also contained with the parameters of rules, regulations, and laws. You can easily be pulled over and have your operator license revoked by the Traffic Commissioner if you do not fulfill operator compliance. You must be responsible from the very beginning and sacrifice recklessness and misbehavior for transport compliance and adherence to the followed statutes relayed by the British government.
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Finding Used Cars That Provide Lots of Value

When it is time to purchase another vehicle, it can be a difficult choice. You probably have a specific amount in mind to spend, and you most likely have a size or style that you are hoping to get. It is not always possible to get what you want when you limit yourself to used cars. With the massive inventory of automobiles just a click away on the internet, it is very likely shoppers will find a ride to suit their tastes and budget.

If you are looking at used cars when it is time to purchase another vehicle, then you are probably on the right track. Before going forward with a vehicle like this, you need to make sure that you consider the book value, maintenance, miles, mileage, number of owners, and cost.

The book value is an important consideration as you set out to purchase one of the used cars that you have found. Look at the Kelly Blue Book value to see the suggested price, as well as how the vehicle has been maintained. By doing this, you can get an idea of whether the individual kept up with oil changes or had been in any accidents.

The miles on the vehicle are a major consideration as you look at used cars. It is a good idea to find vehicles that are within warranty, so that you will still have some time before the power train warranty or other warranties are up. Before you purchase a vehicle that is still under warranty, make sure you understand all the what is actually covered and how to go about the maintenance.

Another consideration whether buying new or pre-owned vehicles is the mileage. Some vehicles have very high gas mileage, while others you can only drive for a few days before having to refill. With gas prices being so high, you will want to make sure that this area is considered, and that it is in an acceptable range.

The number of owners is a consideration simply because the more owners a vehicle has, the less likely consistent care and upkeep is.

The cost is obviously an important factor, and it might actually be the first thing you look at. You need to make sure the vehicle is affordable for you and your family, and that you will not have large payments per month.

In many ways used cars are an advantageous buy. Just make sure to thoroughly consider all of the previously mentioned areas so that you can make an informed decision.

10 Tips for Safe Driving

Off for that annual drive across the country? Whether it’s to visit Grandma with the family or to go on that long anticipated weekend getaway with your buddies, you shouldn’t hit the road without reading these 10 safe driving tips to make sure you get to your destination on time and of course, in one piece.

1. A decent meal and a good night’s sleep are necessary if you are set to stay behind the wheel for a long drive. Loading up on more than your usual caffeine fix isn’t necessary. While you may feel alert at first, the effects could easily crash down later.

2. Pull over and take some breaks from time to time, even if you aren’t that tired yet. Step out and stretch, enjoy the scenery along the way or even take a quick nap.

3. Never pull over just anywhere, make sure the area is safe or off the road. Only park on the breakdown lane when it is absolutely necessary.

4. If possible, take turns driving with your road trip companions so you don’t over exhaust yourself.

This way you can rest without losing time getting to your destination.

5. If you’re driving solo, turn up the radio and sing along to the song or open a window to allow some fresh air in. Taking these simple measures will help you stay awake.

6. Avoid using your cell phone when driving. Although laws on legality of cell phone use may change from state to state, it’s always a better option to not use your phone or opt for a hands-free device. The idea is to not let talking or texting keep your eyes off the road.

7. Never drink and drive! Although this is common knowledge, an increasing number of accidents happen due to intoxicated drivers. Stay off the alcohol, even if it doesn’t get you drunk, it will surely get you drowsy.

8. Do some research online or listen to the radio for some traffic updates, particularly when bound for major cities or tourist destinations. Also check the weather beforehand. Doing this can prepare you for what lies ahead or give you the chance to find an alternate route.

9. It’s a great idea to take a road atlas or a detailed map even if you have a GPS or a mapping application on your phone. These devices may get destroyed, lose service or simply have errors. Having a paper version may be more reliable.

10. Before hitting the road, always make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Ensure all the fluids are at the right levels, gas tank is filled up and tires are properly inflated. For long haul drives, have a mechanic inspect your car prior to leaving.