6 Tips For Washing Your Car Like A Pro!

People prefer washing their cars by themselves for various reasons. For some, it is the bond that the vehicle’s owner, a car-lover, shares with the car. For others, it’s about saving money instead of getting it washed by professionals at the carwash. An automated carwash does the job in a decent fashion, but everyone knows that to truly get your car clean and shining, nothing beats a hand wash.
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Are Throttle Body Spacers Useful?

The performance parts are used to enhance the performance of any type of vehicle, and in most cases this is done to boost the engine power and speed. Throttle body spacers are a type of performance parts that are used to alter the flow of air into the intake manifold. In this article, we will discuss how useful these throttle body spacers are for your vehicle.

These parts are basically aftermarket enhancements that are used by the vehicle owners to improve the fuel economy, horsepower and torque. The throttle body spacers regulate the air flow into the manifold, in order to optimize the volume of air that goes into the intake. These parts work well with several car engines but not with all types of models. This is a pretty cheap and quick method to get superior performance from a vehicle engine.

How does it work?

The throttle body spacers work by controlling the flow of air that goes into the engine and this performance part is typically used along with a fuel injection system. In this method, the cable first connects the accelerator of the vehicle to the throttle. The throttle opens when the accelerator is pushed, thus allowing increased air flow to get into the intake system. This throttle allows more air flow than normal to go into the engine, and as a result the engine does not have to work too hard to get the required amount of air get into the combustion chamber.

What are the advantages of using throttle body spacer?

There are various advantages of using the throttle body spacers and one of the biggest among them is that it helps in enhancing the horsepower. The performance part ultimately increases the velocity of air that causes a rise in the atomization. Furthermore, the spiral air flow which results from the throttle provides much better combustion.

If your vehicle has a carburetor then this performance part can help improve the vacuum response that helps in enhancing the performance. This also offers some additional height to air mixture. This regulated air flow into the intake ports improves the potential torque response. As we know that the throttle body spacer permits more air, the engine does not require working so hard.

You will find different types of spacers in several throttle kits, and these kits help in customizing the throttle for suitable riding conditions. These types of throttle kits are easy to install and they also contain several other parts in order to boost the vehicle performance. This is a pretty inexpensive method to boost the power and torque of the engine. With the help of throttle body spacer, it is possible to enhance the torque power by 25 ft lbs and also boost the torque power.

These types of spaces are particularly beneficial for the older engines, especially the ones having fuel injection systems. Before you purchase spacers for your vehicle, we would recommend that you make sure that they are suitable for your vehicle and the engine can actually benefit from its use.

Don’t Procrastinate When You Are Shopping for Used Cars

Did you know that the summer is when most dealers tend to sell the most used cars? This is something you need to pay close attention too if you plan on purchasing a vehicle during the summer months. The increase in business for dealers doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad for you; it just means that you have to be on top of things if you want to get the best deals. To improve your chances of finding the perfect means of transportation, you need to do all of your research beforehand and be willing to check out several different dealers.

This is the time of year where many people have received their tax refunds and may have access to some extra money. They are looking to upgrade their older vehicles in exchange for a newer one or simply looking to purchase a quality vehicle. You may be looking for a vehicle based off of similar reasons. Don’t think that you can simply go into a pre-owned vehicle dealership and say you want a particular car and expect to pay $1000 for it. You need to know about the places you are shopping at and what their criteria is for financing and purchasing. You may find that many places do not operate the same way. Some are very flexible and lenient with their requirements and others are not. You don’t want to end up losing the perfect vehicle to someone else, because you did not do your homework beforehand.

People that sell used cars are running a business. Even though their merchandise is a lifesaver to many, they don’t have to make things personal in order to make a difference in someone’s life. This means that if you happen to see a vehicle that you must have and you haven’t done your homework on the dealer, then you may end up taking a chance by hoping and praying that someone else doesn’t come along and purchase it from under you. Even if you want to leave a deposit, many dealerships have a clause where if they receive a fair offer on the vehicle you were interested in before you come back and fill out any paperwork, they can sell that vehicle and allow you to use your deposit towards another one.

That is why whenever you decide to go shopping for used cars, you always have a first, second and even third choice vehicle and dealership in mind. This will lessen the likelihood of you being upset if things don’t work out if you can’t find your first choice of vehicle. Once you do find your dream vehicle, be prepared to negotiate with the sales staff. Try to get the fairest price possible before you agree to anything. If you research fair market values for the vehicle you are interested before you go to the dealer, you will know the price point to start your negotiations at and work your way down until you both come to an agreement.

2 Best Muscle Cars You Can Buy

There’s nothing quite like the feel of driving a muscle car. Most cars are built for multiple purposes, which is handy but can mean getting less than ideal behavior from your vehicle. But a muscle car puts one priority above all else: performance. Combining aggressive engines with sleek design, a muscle car is exactly what the name implies. It’s a car built to showcase the peak of what an automobile can do, just as an athlete’s body showcases the peak of human fitness from years of dedication.
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