The Price of Motoring Offences

With fuel cost at an all-time high, road tax, insurance, maintenance and MOTs to consider running a car may seem sometimes like an expensive habit although necessary for many to get to work and for family activities. Not adhering to the rules, regulations and legal requirements when driving however may cause you additional costs as well as pose a danger to yourself or others.
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What Are Mag Wheels?

If you are curious about car history, you should definitely learn more about mag wheels. They revolutionised the modern automobiles and are now accessible to every vehicle owner. Find out how they came around, where they got their name from and whether you can still find genuine models in the market.
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8 Tips For Stress-Free Car Buying

Here are 8 helpful tips to follow when buying a new car.

1) Know What You Want

Begin the process by searching for cars that fit your lifestyle. Perhaps there is a certain type that you prefer, such as a sedan, hatchback, or crossover SUV. Have an idea of what you truly want before you start researching makes and models.
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