5 Easy Ways To Rid Your Car Upholstery Of Unpleasant Smell

Vacuum your Car Upholstery

There are different kinds of odors that get trapped in the interior fabrics of a car. Vacuuming the car’s interior helps remove such does odors very fast. Vacuum the car using the special vacuum cleaner attachment for upholstery. Focus on every area and corner just in case the odor is coming for tiny hidden places. In case vacuum cleaning does not remove the odor completely, try steam cleaning. Most people have used the steam cleaning technique and it has worked very well.
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Bad Winter Driving Habits That Could Open you up to Liability

More than 70% of U.S. roads are located in areas classified as snowy regions or those that receive a minimum of 5 inches of snow annually. If you regularly drive on the 30% of roads that don’t receive a minimum of 5 inches you might be able to gloss over this article, though it is still best to be prepared. Look no further than Atlanta last winter and “Snowjam” that brought a record of only 2.6 inches, yet lead to the gridlock of trapped vehicles mirroring scenes from “The Walking Dead.” This catastrophe serves as a shining example that bad winter road conditions can exist almost anywhere, and bad winter driving habits can contribute to these dangerous conditions. These habits can usually be broken down into things you can do while you are behind the wheel and those you can do before you are behind the wheel. Eliminating the bad habits below can reduce your risks on the road and help avoid the costly increases associated with an accident.
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Motorcycles and Brain Injuries

Motorcycles and brain injuries are unfortunately all too common. They seem to go hand in hand. Operating a motorcycle can be quite dangerous and many serious or even deadly accidents result from operating motorcycles on city streets and freeways alike. A motorcycle accident often causes serious personal injuries to the head, brain and other parts of the body.
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