A Bad Wrong Fuel Recovery Experience – How to Avoid the Industry Cowboys

Monday 13th April 2015 6.30 a.m. – The Wrong Fuel Incident

Nick drives a diesel powered Toyota Landcruiser and was driving his vehicle to work in Gloucester city centre as usual on a Monday morning. It was early so there were not many vehicles on the road as yet and Nick decides to fill up his vehicle with fuel whilst the fuel station is quiet, even though he already has half a tank of fuel. He has not had a very good night’s sleep and is feeling tired as he pulls onto the forecourt and parks up next to a pump. He picks up the fuel nozzle and places it into the tank aperture clicking on the trigger latch and leaving the nozzle in the tank to fill the vehicle tank to the top.
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The Advantages of an Air Suspension

If you’re searching for a new or used truck and trailer, it’s likely you’ve seen air suspension on the standard or optional features list. It’s also likely you’ve heard negative remarks about the feature especially concerning its long-term reliability. Of course, winter is here, which means freezing temperatures, muddy roads and some slipping and sliding on your morning commute. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get an air suspension system for your trucks, here are a few advantages to help you decide.
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Which Motorcycle Handlebars Are The Best?

There is a great debate regarding which motorcycle handlebars are the best; ape hangers or T-Bars. Some Harley Davidson owners prefer ape hangers while others have a preference for the more traditional ones. It really comes down to a personal preference but there are a few things which separate the bars you should know before you make your purchase.
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