3 Of The Best Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair accessible vehicles can be hard to find, if you are not sure where to look. Many top of the range cars and people carriers can actually be customised to suit your needs, whatever your handicap.

Customisations such as ramps and other equipment can ensure your car is safe to use, as well as being easy to get in and out of. Here are the top three wheelchair accessible vehicles that are the easiest to customise.

1)Chrysler Grand Voyager

Chrysler are renowned for making large, luxurious vehicles that not only drive well but look great too. The great thing about these cars is that they are big enough to cope with a large number of customisations for wheelchair access.

The CenterVan Chrysler Grand Voyager is a ready-made version for wheelchair accessibility with a dropped floor and power operated ramps and doors. This makes it extremely easy to get in and out of the vehicle without any trouble.

Due to the flexibility of this vehicle, the wheelchair user can be the driver, front seat passenger or sit in the middle of the car. It is completely dependent on what is easiest for you, the driver or the passengers.

You can manoeuvre your wheelchair easily into the driver’s seat, or if you prefer you may have electric swivel seats installed to make it an even simpler transfer. This is quite easily one of the most versatile and unique cars for those who are looking for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Not only that, it is one of the best looking and refined too.

2) Mercedes Sprinter

Another luxurious car manufacturer is Mercedes, whose vehicles are famed across the World for being high class and powerful.

There are several Mercedes models which can be customised for wheelchair access such as the Vito and Viano; however the Sprinter is much taller ensuring more headroom to accommodate taller people or larger wheelchairs.

Electric parking brakes, ramps and electric swivel chairs can all easily be fitted into the Mercedes Sprinter depending on the level of customisation you need from your vehicle.

Due to the flexibility of these cars you can opt for rear or side access, petrol or diesel and manual or automatic. This is great if you want to make key decisions as to how your vehicle operates.

If you are looking for luxury that is taller and more spacious than the Chrysler, then this is the wheelchair accessible car for you.

3) Volkswagen Caddy

Commonly known as a vehicle for commercial use, the VW caddy is actually perfect for wheelchair accessibility. Smaller and more economical than the previous two vehicles, the entry for the wheelchair is at the back meaning you do not need a disabled parking bay.

As with all of these wheelchair accessible cars the wheelchair user can sit in a passenger or driver seat without much difficulty at all. Electric swivel chairs can also be installed to make the transfer smoother and more efficient. An electric parking brake comes as standard on the VW Caddy so it is then up to you as to which other customisations you feel are necessary, such as a ramp.

These are just a list of 3 of the best wheelchair accessible vehicles, although there are plenty more out there that can be customised to your needs.

Ensuring you find a company that can expertly customise these cars for you is of great importance, as it ensures you are getting the best from your wheelchair accessible vehicle. A good example is Steering Developments, who offer a range of customised solutions. Talk through with an expert what they feel would suit your car and your needs before deciding on purchasing a brand new vehicle, or even a second hand one.

If the car you are looking at is already customised for wheelchair access then make sure that the equipment is safe and tested thoroughly before use. Also, it is important to learn how to properly use the equipment and know how to drive the vehicles safely before taking them out on the road.

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