3 Reasons to Try Retread Tires

As technology continues to improve in all parts of the automotive industry the use of retread tires has became a big part of today’s auto industry. In the past 10 years the price of new tires has skyrocketed. With this being said, many companies are selling alternatives at a fraction of the price. So this puts people in a dilemma with the question: Is it better to get good quality tires which are retread or is it best to go with cheaper, less safe models? Many people feel that going with retread is the better option. Here are 3 reasons why they are a good choice.

Price: The number one reason that people buy retread tires is the price. With inflation on the rise, the price of a good set of tires can easy be over $1,000. This is a huge amount of money for many people and many simply don’t have this extra money to spend. With a retread, a company adds a fresh coat of rubber to an existing tire and redoes the tread. After this occurs, it is put through safety tests to ensure the quality and safety of the “new” model. The great part of this process is that technology advances in the tire industry get better each and every year, thus making a retread tire look and perform like a brand new tire. Not only this, but you can get these at a fraction of the price.

Brand name: Retread models are used by all major companies. When looking at it, no one will be able to tell that you have a retread tire, unless they are told. Also, this new tread tends to perform at nearly the same level as a brand new tire of the same brand. The technology advances enable these tires to perform under all conditions and the retread tires sometime even perform better than a brand new tire of the same model.

Durability: While many people may be scared off by the term “used tires” or “retread tires” they need not worry. Adding the new tread to these tires is equivalent to a total makeover to the tire as not only is new rubber added, but the tire is tested for safety and any other unseen blemish will also be removed. The general consensus for people who have purchased retread tires is that they are just as good as new, but at a way lower price.

Those are three good reasons to try retread tires if you had any issues. Not only have the latest technological advances made retread tires perform and feel like brand new tires, but the low costs make it worth it for the consumer.

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