3 Tips To Get More Gas At The Pump

With fuel prices through the roof and the economy just barely starting to come back from the so-called “Great Repression”, many people are striving to save money anyway that they can. Some people, in fact, even go as far as to drive clear across town to save a few pennies on the gallon. To save money in a more logical way, drivers can follow a few easy tips to get the most amount of gas as possible on each fuel-up.

  • Buy Your Gas In The Morning
    Though many people don’t think about it, gasoline is a liquid that is prone to evaporation and condensation in the same way that other fluids are. When drivers purchase their fuel in the hot afternoon, gasoline expands from the heat and accumulates in the driver’s gas tank in mostly a vapor form, tallying up a hefty gas bill for less fuel than would be expected. When drivers purchase their fuel in the morning, the gasoline is much cooler and more condensed, providing a more accurate gas price.
  • Pump Slowly
    While most drivers are unaware of this fact, the nozzles on gas pumps have three settings – low, medium, and high. Most drivers go straight for the high setting, by holding the lever firmly, in order to get their gas and leave as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, pumping gas too fast releases gasoline a vapor form and a lot of the vapor gets sucked back into the nozzle, even though the driver is still charged for the amount of gasoline that leaves the nozzle. By pumping gasoline more slowly, drivers can prevent the gasoline from escaping as a vapor and save money.
  • Fill Up At Half-Full
    Because gasoline is prone to evaporation when it comes into contact with oxygen, the amount of space between the gasoline in a driver’s tank and the roof of the gas tank makes a big difference in how fast the gasoline evaporates. While professional gasoline storage tanks have floating ceilings that prevent oxygen from contacting gasoline, most vehicles do not take this precaution. By filling up the tank when it is still half-full, drivers can actually use the gasoline that would have otherwise evaporated in the tank.
  • Bonus Tip
    Drivers should always avoid filling up their tank when a gas pump is being refueled. Because the gasoline stored beneath gas pumps can be stirred up while new gasoline is added, the driver may unknowingly suck up dirt and other debris that usually settles at the bottom of the stored gasoline. This debris can damage vehicles and affect how gasoline is burned, costing the driver much more in the long-run.

Dean Saliba

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