3 Top Modern Day Tools For Delivery Drivers

To stay competitive and maintain a strong customer base, delivery companies need technology to maximise their productivity and provide a punctual, high standard of service. Here, we look at 3 important tools for delivery drivers.

3 essential tools that all delivery drivers should invest in today

Sat Nav

Millions of people are now reliant on satellite navigation software on a daily basis. From delivery drivers to medical staff on call or people travelling abroad, they help us find addresses that might otherwise be impossible to navigate to on a conventional map. If you’re a delivery driver, a Sat Nav system will help you get to your addresses even quicker and will usually prevent you from getting lost. Of course, remember that Sat Nav databases need to be constantly updated to include any new roads or changes in street systems (such as a road that has recently become a one-way route, for example).

You should be able to accurately gauge how long it will take you to reach your destination and obtain other useful information such as speed limits or any local services such as petrol stations, all of which can take significantly more time to research from other resources. You will also be able to give your customers a more concise estimate of your arrival time, which will demonstrate professionalism and could help you win more business in the future.

According to the Nissan Van Report in 2013, 45 percent of van drivers believed that having a sat-nav was essential for their vehicles, while other tools such as vehicle trackers and packing sensors were further down on the list. The Corporate Sales Director for Nissan GB, Barry Beeston, says this research has an important role in determining the ‘development of future commercial vehicle products’ because it helps vehicle manufacturers to understand ‘what customers want’.

Get a smart phone if you don’t already have one

This may be obvious, but it is important to be able to communicate with your customer in the event of a delay or any other problem. With a smart phone, you can use Google Maps to check the location of the address if it can’t be found on the Sat Nav system. Make sure your phone is charged beforehand and have the number of the customer ready just in case you need to contact them at any time. For example, if you arrive at your customer’s property only to find that they are out, you may want to consider ringing them to find out what time they will arrive so you can plan what to do and whether to leave their items with a neighbour.

Use an app to record your mileage

If you have an iPhone, consider using the iNomad navigation app. This allows you to track all of your mileage, your average speeds, the duration of your trips and the total distance travelled. It is particularly handy for people who often forget or just don’t have the time to record their mileage and put up it on an Excel sheet. You can also use this data to claim any tax relief you might be eligible for, which will depend on the amount of mileage you use and your gross income.

Boost your efficiency

Despite the rising cost of fuel and the high costs of vehicle ownership today, you can still find ways to improve your productivity and revenue. Just by having a Sat Nav, a reliable mobile phone and an app to track your mileage, you can maximise your efficiency, cut your costs and even claim back some expenditure in your next tax return.

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