4 GreatParking Ideas That Show Us The Future

Parking in a city can be a major headache for residents and visitors alike. To help us, some car park designers have tried to approach car parks in a new way, either to enable easier parking, to save space, or even to improve the aesthetics of the building. We should be grateful to these designers and their designs, as they are showing a way forward and helping to improve parking for all of us. Here are a few parking innovations to help us all manageparking in a city

Carousel Car Garage Tokyo


This garage is located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, and though not the only example of this type of car park, it does highlight the benefits of this type of construction. Drivers park their cars at the bottom of a Ferris wheel, and their carsare moved around with the wheel until picked up later. This is a perfect remedy for overcrowded cities. With no ramps to take up any room, it is an economical use of space and a novelty to first time visitors of the facility.

The Umihotaru Tokyo

This is another Tokyo based car park with a difference. It is built on an artificial island and is shaped like a cruise ship, and if that isn’t enough to set it apart, it also offers shopping and eating facilities. This is part of Japan’s underwater tunnel, the aqua line, and acts as a rest spot for those who are traveling along it. When a road takes 30 years to complete and costs $11.2 billion, it is important to have a unique car park; and this certainly is one.

Robotic Car Park in Dubai

This is brilliant example of how to save space in a car park. Cars parked robotically on lift systems ensure that twice the number of cars can be parked than in a conventional car park, and the computer control means that it is ultra-efficient. Holding 765 vehicles, this is the biggest of its kind, and handling 250 cars per hour means its turnover is huge. The biggest drawback is the initial cost of the car parks construction, but as more car parks of this design are built each year, it is obviously worth it.

Apartment Parking

In the cities of Shanghai and New York there is a new selling point for apartment blocks, en-suite parking. This innovation means that you can drive off the street onto a private car elevator, which takes you up to your apartment in private and secure way. The car remains parked in the elevator outside your door until you want to use it again. This is a practical timesaving idea, which is appreciated by all of those who are able to afford the luxury

Parking can be such a nuisance that any help to make it easier and more efficient should be welcomed with open arms. These 4 examples show that with a bit of thought and investment nobody needs to spend hours looking for somewhere suitable to leave their vehicle. I for one would like to see these initiatives used in every city.

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