4 Hints for Changing the Stock Exhaust of Your Car

Changing the stock exhaust of a car for an aftermarket unit provides a lot benefits to the overall performance of the car. In general, performance exhaust systems use a bigger diameter piping which will result in increased horsepower, sporty exhaust sound and higher exhaust flow. Also, many aftermarket systems weigh less than stock systems. To change the exhaust of your car, here are some helpful instructions.

Look for a Level Surface and Park Your Vehicle on There

The best means to work under your car is to drive your rear wheels up great ramps. Then, the transmission should be set in park if your car is automatic and in first gear if your car is manual. Pull the handbrake up and chock the front wheels. The car’s rear, exhaust side must be raised using a floor jack. Use the jack stands in supporting the chassis of the car.

Remove the Flange Bolts

While doing this, you must make sure that the muffler system is secured to the exhaust’s rear. The rubber type hangers should be detached as you hold the muffler to the underside of the car. You need to lift the car’s muffler assembly freeing it of your car. If you have an axle-back system aftermarket exhaust, such will just replace the muffler part of your stock exhaust. But if it is a cat-back system, you must remove the remaining piping from your catalytic converter back. You can detach the exhaust piping by taking away all rubber hangers and flange bolts throughout your car’s exhaust system.

Move your Stock Rubber Exhaust Hangers into the Aftermarket Ones

You must do this if it doesn’t have its own rubber hangers. The aftermarket exhaust must be installed in place of your stock exhaust by making sure that all supplied flange bolts are secured and slipping the rubber exhaust hangers into the designated fittings. You must ensure that all flanges will be installed with new gaskets so that you can avoid exhaust leaks. When you have an aftermarket ones that did not have replacement gaskets, you can buy universal exhaust gaskets from many auto parts retailers.

Take the Jack Stand from Under your Car

After you do this, you must lower the stand off your floor jack. Then, you can start your vehicle and make sure that the new exhaust system doesn’t have rattles which often resulted from improper installation of exhaust hangers.

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