4 New Cars That Tony Stark Would Love To Get His Hands On

Few things in the world are as thrilling or exciting as a fast good-looking car. It is only obvious then that when Tony Stark steps out of his Iron Man suit, he would want to step into some of the best cars money can buy.

Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Quattraporte is often considered to be one of the finest luxury saloons ever made. In fact, all three presenters of Top Gear (Clarkson, Hammond and May) love the car; a very rare honour for any vehicle. As the younger brother of the Quattraporte, the Ghibli III has a lot of expectations to live up to. However, one look at the car and you know that it is indeed a true Maserati. Just like its older brother, the Ghibli will be just as fun to drive as it will be to sit in the back seat. Since Tony Stark prefers to drive himself around rather than letting Happy Hogan have the wheel, he will obviously love the way the Ghibli handles the tight bend and corners of European mountain roads.

Lamborghini Veneno

One adjective that Tony Stark uses to describe himself to Captain America in the Avengers is ‘playboy’. No other car manufacturer is identified with the playboy culture as much as Lamborghini. The new Veneno is a very special Lamborghini; based on the Aventador, only 3 Venenos will ever be produced. That makes it harder to get your hands on than one of Iron Man’s many suits. ‘Veneno’ translates from Spanish as ‘venom’ and the car certainly looks like it’s not here to mess about. With the ultra-successful Aventador as a base, the 6.5 litre Lamborghini V12 produces over 700bhp, which is more than enough to send a car weighing as less as the Veneno into orbit.


When Ferrari came out with the Enzo, it was a marquee moment for motorsports history. We had left behind the era of the supercar and entered the age of the hypercar. So, it is only natural that everyone waited with bated breath for its successor. Codename by fans and media as the F70, Ferrari did a splendid job keeping the car a secret during testing phases. Finally, the car was revealed in this year’s Geneva Motor Show as the LaFerrari. It cannot be denied that the LaFerrari is one of the most beautiful prancing horses to emerge from the stables at Maranello. Indeed, it is one of the first Ferraris designed in-house and without the aid of Pininfarina, which makes it a bit of a rarity even for Ferraris. In the classic Ferrari rosso (red), you cannot deny it would match Tony Stark’s suit of armour perfectly.

Jaguar F-Type

Revealed at the Paris Motor Show, the new Jaguar F-Type made heads turn and jaws drop. Making a two-seater sports-convertible is one of the hardest things in automotive engineering, but Jaguar seems to have built the perfect roadster. Based on Jaguar’s XK platform, the F-Type represents a bold new direction for the legendary British marquee. In the past, Jaguars were raised for their good looks but many people though it looked too much like its sister car, the Aston Martin. However, with both companies going their own separate ways, the design team at Jaguar have come out swinging and struck a blow against their critics. A 5 litre supercharged V8 under the hood means that this car goes as fast as it looks stunning.

With the Mandarin blowing up Tony Stark’s mansion, he will have to rebuild his car collection. Honestly, he cannot begin with 4 better cars than these.

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