4 Ways To Unjam A Car Door

Car doors get jammed every now and then due to a number of reasons such as objects getting stuck in the door. Accidents can also cause the door to jam. The cool thing is that you can unjam the doors using these ways.

Coat Hanger

Do you have a coat hanger in your house? You can use it to open a jammed car door. All you need to do is to open your car window and slide the hanger between the interior window and the interior door.

You should note that you can’t use the hanger in its original shape-you have to reshape it using your hand. When reshaping it you should aim at making a hook that will go into the car while leaving the other end straight.

Once you have made a hook you should slide the hanger up and down near the rear end of the window panel in order to hook the door lever. When you feel the tension on the hook you should pull up the hanger in order to release the door assembly.

Removing the Interior Door Panel

If you are unable to open the door using your hanger you should consider removing the interior door panel. Here you should use pliers to loosen the tabs that secure the panel in place. After doing this you should remove the rod that connects the interior and exterior door handles. You should note that the rods come off from both ends.

Hair Dryer

If the lock has jammed due to cold weather, you should unjam it using a hair dryer. Here you should find the outlet near your vehicle and plug in your hair dryer. You should then turn the hair dryer on to its highest setting. You should then blow hot air into the keyhole for a minute or two in order to melt ice that might have formed on the locking mechanism.


A car door can jam due to lack of lubrication. If the door has creaky hinges you should use grease or your favorite oil. You should get access to the hinges and apply the lubricant generously. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you lubricate all the hinges.


These are some of the ways in which you can open a jammed car door. For ideal results and to prevent damaging your car, you should ask a certified locksmith to help you open the car door.

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