5 Awesome Car Events To See Before You Die

Since man invented the automobile, man has felt the need to show it off. Whether the cars are being shown off at industry shows, or around a track, each year there are thousands of events held by and for rev-heads across the world.

But, not all auto events are created equally. While a regional show in a local park might be a fun way to spend a weekend, all serious car enthusiasts know that there are a few pilgrimages that they will have to make in their lifetime, in pursuit of their passion. If you’re one of those people, here are five events that should be sitting at the top of your bucket list (time and money no object, of course).

The NASCAR Sprint Cup

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life, you will have heard of NASCAR. NASCAR is the most popular form of car racing in the US. It’s a form of stock car racing, which means that the cars look just like the vehicles you see out on the street, but there are some major modifications under the hood. The Sprint Cup is the competition’s top tier, and comprises over 30 races across a ten-month period. With this exciting event held over such a long period of time – in stadiums across the country – there’s no excuse for missing out.

The Dubai International Motor Show

If your taste in automobile is a little more refined, perhaps the Dubai International Motor Show would be a better fit? Dubai is a Mecca for luxury products, and cars are no exception. The show is frequently used by top luxury car brands – such as Mercedes, Jaguar and Bugatti – to launch their new models.

The Monaco Grand Prix

For one week in late spring, the tiny European nation of Monaco is transformed into an intense racing track. The Grand Prix is one of the world’s best known Formula One races, and attracts a huge crowd of tourists keen for a week of high quality racing. The locals enjoy the spectacle, too, and many have a perfect view of the race from their apartment balconies, as it blazes through the historic city.

The Geneva Motor Show

Still in Europe, the Geneva Motor Show is one of the world’s most popular motor shows and has provided an arena for car companies to showcase their latest innovations and creations since 1905. Switzerland doesn’t have an industry of its own, so this show attracts companies from the world over. While you’re there, be sure to check out the International Advanced Mobility Forum, a forum where the industry’s best and brightest come together to discuss the future of cars.

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