5 Awesome Cars For Different Girls

Hello ladies, sick of the stereotypical pink cars your parents or the cars salesmen think you would love? Well, show them you know what you are getting into. Every girl has a different personality type. So make people to stop generalizing and buy a car according to the girl you are, and not according to the girl, people THINK you are:

For the sassy girls

A Mini Cooper Cabriolet is a fun option for the girl who knows what she wants and how she’ll get it. This type-A personality will be conquering the world soon and she needs to start from somewhere.Remove the annoying roof and you have a car which is tailor made for sassy girls. It is amazing even with the roof on, but there is something special to spin around in a car with no roof, with that light breeze nuzzling your hair while you drive for those extra credits subject classes. The mini cooper is sassy, cool and smooth and it helps averting the unwanted attention you have to deal with. You will be noticed because you are driving the car “those” people want.

For the tomboys

The Ram 1500 is the best bet for these smarties. Enough with the small cars already! There are girls here who are as fond of big cars as the boy next door is, and no, there is nothing wrong or weird about those girls, and nor are they putting up an act to impress boys. So stop bothering that people will think you are buying a truck for the attention, and go ahead and purchase a Ram 1500 for the tomboy in you. This versatile car comes in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Drive this beauty to your Football practices and scare off the losers.

For the sensible woman

This woman is practical, sensible and kind. She is wise beyond her years and is turning to a woman faster than her peers because of her startling clarity of thought and much needed maturity. A Toyota Corolla LE would suit her perfectly as it is not that flashy and unmanageable car your friends will want to drive or turn green with envy when you drive it. It has the things you need like Bluetooth connectivity, iPod interface and additional speakers. This car is safe, not very expensive and has a bulletproof engine that will run for years.

For the daddy’s princess

Go ahead, splurge. It is your right to do so else your father might feel bad. Just tell him you want that spectacular Ferrari California. This eye-catching, head turning beauty might just give the gorgeous driver (you) a little complex but whatever, it is beautiful. The sometimes necessary, but unwanted roof vanishes in about 14 seconds with just one button; it won’t even mess with your manicure. With the acceleration rushing from 0 to 100km/h in less than four seconds, convince your daddy to buy this and try keeping the super-quick acceleration a little secret.

For the girl who is buying a car for herself

This girl has saved up all her money from all her jobs and is planning to invest it all in a car. There might also be a little inheritance from grandparents and some donation from parents, but that won’t be mentioned. She should be smart and buy her lovely self a Ford Focus SE Sedan. This car is the equivalent to the term “modern”. The styling is up-to-date, there is a healthy amount of technology involved and the inside is comfortable and classy. In a not very expensive price range, a lot comes packed with this car like keyless entry, trip computer, automatic headlamps, Bluetooth connectivity, cell-phone and audio controls, and a six-speaker audio system with iPod interface and satellite radio.


If the car seat covers are not liked, they can be customized according to your taste. Leather, different colours, polka dots, Game of Thrones inspired (or any favourite show) and a lot more.

These are a few cars for certain kinds of girls. Armed with a driving license, they can go rule the roads.

The author of this post is Jack Thomas, an employee at SupaFit, specializing in seat covers in Australia. An avid car enthusiast, Jack likes to go on long drives during the weekend.

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