5 Basic Skills For Driving Lessons

These are 5 very basic skills that everyone possesses and when used help hugely on your driving lessons. Although some pupils may be better at using these skills than others, everyone is capable of using them, and how well you use these skills will depend on how quickly you learn.

1. Listening skills – This is the first one, and as said earlier everyone possesses the ability to listen, but how well you use this skill will depend on how quickly you pick up learning how to drive. Been a better listener helps as you can listen to what your driving instructor is saying and implement this into your driving. You may think you do this, however the more consciously you think about doing this the more you will do it and your driving will improve.

2. Communication Skills – It’s not always about listening on your driving lessons, you have to communicate with your instructor and let them know what you are having difficulty with and they will explain further. Communication is vital and if you waste the time with your instructor by not communicating it will take you longer to pass your driving test.

3. Planning skills – everyone can plan, some just are better at it than others. Planning and scanning is a vital part of driving, but the skill improves as you go on. You can improve this process and learn quicker by continuing to do hazard perception tests even after passing your theory test! As crazy as it sounds, these tests improve your planning and it’s vital for you to be planning ahead on your driving lessons.

4. Hand-eye co-ordination skills – You don’t need to be a table top tennis champion to be able to drive, however it does take some hand-eye co-ordination skills. You need to look at the road and tell the rest of your body what to do based on the situation ahead. There are the odd pupils which struggle with this, but with practice they eventually get it, to most however it is second nature and it makes your driving lessons a lot easier.

5. Organisation skills – You don’t need to hire a personal assistant if you haven’t got great organisational skills as it doesn’t take much organisation, even for an unorganised person. However there is a degree of organisational skills involved as far as booking your driving theory test and instructor is concerned.

These are the 5 basic skills which you have to hone in on to make your driving lessons successful. Be more conscious about the above skills and your driving tuition will go a lot smoother.

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