5 Defensive Driving Safety Tips

Many times when I go out on the road I see reckless drivers endangering everyone on the road when they drive. There is nothing that can honestly be done to correct their behavior but there are many ways to avoid becoming a victim when driving. These tips I am about to share are driving techniques I myself use to avoid getting into a wreck. With these techniques you can save your life and your bank account so let’s get started.

Tip #1

The first tip on the list is to pull off to the side if a tailgater is being way too aggressive. A very common problem I run into is a person going below the speed limit causing a tailgater to get impatient and get so close that they look like they are in your backseat. Most of the time these people back off after they realize that you are not going to go any faster, but there are some very aggressive tailgaters that will not back off, in these situations just pull off to the side and let them pass, because if the guy in front suddenly steps on the brakes you do not want to be hit by the tailgater.

Tip #2

Next tip is to never tailgate. Tailgating is a very dangerous habit many drivers tend do to get the person in front of them to go faster by following them to closely, this is a bad thing to do because if the person stops quickly you will most likely be unable to stop and suddenly that fun trip to Disney becomes a very expensive car repair.

Tip #3

The third tip is to be patient when passing. When someone is going twenty miles under the speed limit, being behind them can really get annoying but that doesn’t mean that you can pass them without checking for oncoming traffic. Always look before you pass so you can avoid getting into a head-on collision.

Tip #4

The next tip on our list is to watch your sides for other vehicles. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have to stop abruptly because somebody misjudged the ability of their car to pull out on to the interstate along with the speed of my car. This is why you have to watch the people merging on to the road. There is one other reason I mention this and that is when people are passing they sometimes don’t look ahead which can be dangerous for both them and you. Always remember if someone is attempting to pass or enter the interstate, slow down a little bit and let them in.

Tip #5

The final tip I have is expect the unexpected. Many times people will do strange things when they drive which means you have to be ready for anything. Never text or do any other activity that takes your eyes of the road because the road changes every second and being ready to respond to those changes is essential to being a safe defensive driver.

In the end there will be unavoidable situations which will either give you a heart attack or even worse, you may possibly get hit but with these tips, you can make your next trip to the store a safer one.

Dean Saliba

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