5 Different Ways to Check and Add Air to Tires

Car tires should be kept at their recommended pressure. This will make sure that they can be used for the longest time possible. Also, this practice will provide car owners a smoother ride and enhance the gas mileage of their car. If you want to check and add air into your car tires, here are some tips to follow.

Make Sure the Tires are Cool

You must do this before you will check the pressure. This is because tires are expected to be more inflated while they are warm and less when they are cold. When the tires are cool, you can remove the cap from a tire valve.

Press a Tire Gauge into the Valve

After you do the hard pressing, you must take note of the reading. When there is a sound of escaping air, this signifies that the gauge is not yet inserted properly. You may be pressing it too lightly or the gauge is pressed on askew.

Add More Air to Get the Recommended Pressure

You will know about the recommended pressure on a sticker located at the side doorjamb of the driver or in the car’s manual. If you happen to overfill, the air can be released by pushing it on the metal steam located in the valve’s center using your fingernail or the tip of a pencil or pen. For your information, 320 psi is a standard for majority of passenger vehicle that have standard tires. The pressure that you can find on the sidewall of the tire is its maximum pressure. This number should not be achieved unless you have a plan to let your car carry quite a heavy load.

Check the Depth of the Tread

Recommended depth varies with the kinds of tires used in a vehicle. A standard sedan tire’s tread depth can be checked by pushing a penny into the tread to provide a reading. Whenever you can find any head, it’s about time to get a new tire. In order to get a more accurate reading, you can use a good tread-depth gauge. It is also likely that wear signs are already formed into the tread and you have to replace the tire when you can see them.

Check for Possible Even Wear

If you can see that the inside or outside treads are worn, you have to rotate the tires or go to an auto shop to get your alignment checked.

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