5 Expert Driving Tips for Women Driving Alone

With more and more women making their presence in several sectors of the society, it is no longer a taboo where only men dominated tasks and women were mere spectators. Things have changed and women are equally capable of performing tasks that men though were meant only for them. Driving is one such task that is equally handled by both men and women in the best way. Necessary study states that women are considerate and patient when it comes to driving and are prone to lesser accidents when compared to men.

Even though women are capable of handling the wheels in the best possible ways, there are times when it gets uncomfortable especially when they are driving alone without any companion. With the rising rate of crimes in urban cities, it at times is dangerous for them to drive about alone and thus here are a few tips for all those women who intend to drive alone and can be safe.

• Check the accessories – Before you set out for your car ride, check the status of all the car accessories like the wind screen, lights, tyres, etc. as an emergency while on road would leave you stranded with no possible help.

• Check the fuel tank – Always ensure that your fuel tank is full or has sufficient fuel to take you to your destination and bring you back with giving you much of a trouble during the journey. You may not always find a refuelling station on your way and having a stock of fuel in your car could also be a solution to emergencies.

• Learn to change tyres – It is unpredictable when you may have flat tyres at any given point during your travel and may not always find help around you to change your car tyres. Learning the method of changing tyres could help you whenever you are driving alone, have a flat tyre and have no one to assist you with changing it.

• Keep emergency numbers close – While you are driving, there would be several obstacles where you may have a car breakdown or have miscreants attacking you. Having emergency contact numbers of your family or the closest police kiosks could help you get help in the fastest time possible. You could also use GPS devices to help others locate you even if you do not have access to your mobile phone while you are in your car.

• Hide valuables – If you are driving alone, it is always safe to keep valuable like jewellery, money, etc. hidden in secret pockets or secret enclosures in the car. This wouldn’t attract miscreants or people on the road when they see you driving alone.

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