5 Helpful Pointers in Checking a Vehicle With MOT

The test conducted annually by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) is a test of vehicle road-worthiness, safety and exhaust emissions over 3 years old in the UK. When you buy a used car, you have the option to check on the World Wide Web the validity of the MOT test certificate and identify the vehicle’s testing date. In checking a vehicle with MOT, here are some instructions to follow.

Get a VT20 Test Certificate from the Present Owner or Seller

This will help you know whether or not the car passed an MOT test in the past. If it failed, you can obtain a VT30 refusal certificate or a V5C registration certification, which is a logbook that contains lists of vehicle’s details. Make sure you check if the papers match the car. The certificates’ numbers are necessary in accessing MOT information in the internet. Also, a license number is needed.

Check Information

You need to determine the date of the car’s last mileage, the MOT expiration date and the mileage of the last test. Such information must be compared against the paper certificates so that you will know it is genuine. Driving without a valid MOT is a violation in the UK. Movements of vehicles will be tracked by police through their automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) CCTV network in real time.

Use the Motoring Page to Identify the Background of the Car’s Test

Again this information must be compared against the certificate to determine its genuineness. Make sure that the MOT history matches MOT certificate information. The history must include the expiration date of the MOT and the mileage during the test.

Check on the MOT History Check

When you click this page on the Motoring page, you will be directed to the MOT history request form. With this, you will utilize the same information you used in checking the MOT’s status to get the test history that goes back to 2005 at which the MOT program was introduced. The site will show you the test date, the odometer reading during the test and the previous tests’ expiration date.

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