5 Inconvienient Places to Park

Some drivers think it’s acceptable to park where ever they like and don’t think about the inconvenience that it may cause to other drivers. You’re taught on your driving lessons to find somewhere that is safe, convenient and legal to park. These are the three things you should ask yourself when parking your vehicle and you will never receive a parking fine, cause inconvenience to others drivers or risk the safety of anyone!

The 5 most inconvenient parking spaces is a tough one to call but we believe it’s the following:

1. Parking opposite or on the end of a junction

Parking opposite a junction causes a huge inconvenience to other drivers as they have less manoeuvrability space. Equally as inconvenient is parking at the end of a junction which then forces drivers to go onto the other side of the road where potential cars could be entering onto the road in the opposite direction! Avoid parking opposite or at the end of a junction as this can cause serious inconvenience to other drivers and even become dangerous.

2. Covering driveways with your vehicle

Parking in front of entrances to driveways is obstruction of traffic; whilst not illegal it’s very rude and inconsiderate. However you do have the right to park outside of some ones house as long as no entrance to their driveway is blocked.

3. Parking on double yellow lines

Parking on double yellow lines is an offence and if caught you will be fined. The double yellow lines are there to stop drivers from parking in inconvenient places in busy city centres and main streets, although you may also find them elsewhere.

4. Double parking

Double parking is where two cars are parked parallel to each other on opposite sides of the road. This can either block off the road, the pedestrian path or both! It creates a huge inconvenience to other drivers as they can’t go up or down the road.

5. Taking up two parking bays

Taking up two parking bays may or may not be illegal depending on the terms and conditions of the place you’re parking, however it isn’t recommend. Purposely taking up two bays may cause inconvenience to other drivers and can cause chaos if you’re in a busy car park. If you aren’t very good at bay parking there are two things you can do, either take some refresher driving lessons and ask to practice bay parking, or go to a quiet place with an experienced driver and ask them to show you how to correctly bay park. Although driving instructors can give you reference points so you know when to start turning the wheel, you can also learn with an experienced driver and practice.

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