5 Major Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Large Businesses

Fleet tracking is the primary method for large haulage companies to maintain communications with one or more of their vehicles in real time. Applying state of the art GPS technology, the devices are capable of locating, recognizing and managing contact reports with one or a group of a firm’s fleet of vehicles. Fleet management systems have a proven track record of greatly improving the performance record of haulage businesses that rely on efficient tracking and communication. The following are 5 major benefits of tracking technology for substantial businesses.

5) In the 21st century it is integral for every kind of operation, particularly large haulage companies which come under all kinds of scrutiny from energy surveyors, to be seen to being ecologically sound. Through saving on fuel costs, carbon emissions can be greatly reduced – meaning good news for companies, clients and the environment.

4) A great benefit of implementing some form of GPS tracking is in the sizeable reduction of response times to call outs from customers and clients. Often cited as one of the top priorities for all kinds of commercial enterprises, improving response times and overall efficiency vastly strengthens client confidence and overall business relations.

3) Security is always an issue for every sort of business and this is especially the case for haulage firms which may be responsible for transferring large amounts of valuable goods. Fleet tracking systems can greatly reduce the risk of vehicle theft by keeping a close check of any given vehicle’s location. If the worst does happen and a theft does take place, the system will be able to trace the exact whereabouts and notify the authorities.

2) Productivity is key to the success of every business. GPS based Fleet tracking can notably increase the efficiency of a large company’s output while at the same time instilling confidence in company, client and driver. Accuracy in locating and keeping track of each and every vehicle in a fleet is integral to the smooth running of a haulage business. Productivity can demonstrably be increased by making use of this time and money saving technology.

1)Fleet tracking systems can save companies significant sums of money. As well as the considerable tax benefits of keeping accurate records of staff driver’s on duty and off duty time, the technology can reduce fuel costs by observing a careful watch over consumption, efficiency and out of service vehicles. Through reputable studies it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that haulage companies are capable of losing money through unscheduled vehicle repairs. By factoring in likely maintenance costs, companies can keep track their finances on the road and off it.

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