5 Reasons to Convert Your Vehicle to CNG

Healthy and green fuel alternatives are creating a buzz as sustainability has become a popular topic of conversation in media and government. Traditional fuel is becoming more expensive, and many people are looking for alternatives that are not only cheaper, but also better for the environment. People are beginning to take notice of the harm they are causing the planet by burning gasoline and fossil fuels. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a gasoline alternative for fueling vehicles that is quickly gaining popularity.

There are many reasons why converting a vehicle to CNG is a good option:

1. It provides fuel efficiency, greater than that of gasoline. It can also reduce fuel costs by up to one-third if home refueling is an option. At the station, CNG can cost up to 30% less than gasoline- still very significant savings.

2. CNG is a cleaner fuel to burn than gasoline. CNG reduces the amount of carbon monoxide that is released into the air- about 97% less carbon monoxide emissions than gasoline. Greenhouse gas emissions and carcinogenic pollution excretions are also significantly reduced by use of it.

3. CNG is safer than gasoline because it is a clean burning fuel. If CNG is spilled, it will release into the atmosphere, as it is of a lighter weight than air. When gasoline is spilled, the contents pool on the ground and cause hazard because the contents are highly flammable. It is advantageous to use it because the contents are stored in tanks designed to release the gas more slowly. This helps to mitigate hazard.

4. CNG is in high demand, but there is adequate supply to support demand and beyond, particularly in the United States. Fueling stations are currently being built to supply gas to a greater population, and there are already more then 1,000 fueling stations in the US.

5. It requires a one-time conversion of the vehicle. The CNG tanks will be placed in the trunk or back area of the vehicle, again these being very safe even in the event of a crash or accidental opening. Once the car has been converted, it is ready to run on CNG. There is very little upkeep involved, aside from the regular refilling and maintenance of the tanks.

CNG is a viable alternative to the gasoline that is currently used to fill most cars. It is a clean fuel that reduces air pollution emissions while remaining cost effective.

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