5 Reasons To Choose A Honda Over A Ford

Recent consumer reports and reviews have shown that the vehicles manufactured by Honda are continually rated as more popular amongst consumers than vehicles introduced into the market by Ford. From reliability surveys, customer satisfaction and sales reports the evidence is clear. The fact of the matter is that Honda’s are a lot more durable, comfortable, and in the long run, affordable than Ford. To be certain, the Ford brand is making a comeback but it still has a way to go to catch the behemoth that is Honda.

So, here we go. Here are five reasons to choose a Honda over a Ford.

Honda offers consumers a better value for their money than the Ford vehicles do. This fact alone has helped the Honda company create brand loyal consumers. Honda cars hold their value better and the reliability factor normally allows them to be driven well into the 200,000 miles and beyond range. It’s not uncommon for a Honda owner to purchase another Honda when it comes time to buy another car.

Hondas are more economical to drive than Ford vehicles. On average, a typical Honda gets better gas mileage than other cars, especially a Ford, and again, higher reliability equals fewer expenses for maintenance and repair. This is a critical factor because who wants to keep putting your car in a shop for repairs whenever it breaks down or has a malfunctioning part or a part that just broke?

Hondas are more valuable on the resale end too. Look at Craigslist if you don’t believe me. A comparable Honda and a Ford will have vastly different sale prices. That’s true for you if you are selling your car yourself or looking to trade-in to purchase a new car. Either way, the worth of your Honda will stay higher than Ford. Hondas are the types of cars that will never get outdated, no matter what year the car came out in.

Honda is simply a more stylish brand. The interior of Honda vehicles is far more contemporary and comfortable than the other manufacturers. The tech savvy interior and advanced options are the key features of these vehicles, as well as being very spacious. Most of their cars are able to create extra space thanks to their engineering. Every year they improve on the designs on all of their vehicles, making them more modern every year.

There’s one more reason, to choose a Honda, and it’s a bit of a patriotic one.Honda dealers are more American than Fords are. That’s right; a Japanese company is as American as baseball and apple pie. The report ranked car brands based on where their parts come from, and the Accord was over 80% American made parts. Ford can’t say that.

Realistically, buying a car comes down to a bunch of factors, but when comparing brands there’s only a few things you need to consider. Reliability, cost to own, style, and value – and for us Americans, good old-fashioned patriotism are just some of the reasons people are choosing Honda.

Dean Saliba

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