5 Things To Look For In New City Cars

The cars that drivers may consider to be the best all-around deal for the price may not necessarily be the ideal vehicles for inner-city driving. Drivers in large cities have very specific demands that must be met in their cars due to the rigors of automotive life that come with working and dwelling in tight quarters. From a small turning radius to outstanding gas mileage in stop-and-go traffic, the ideal car for the city-dweller must be uniquely refined.

Small Is Good

The Fiat 500 Sport packs it large potential into a little package. Additionally, its appetite for petrol is minimal, leading to big savings on all fronts. The Hatchback model will open up the possibilities for city drivers without painfully prying open their wallets. In the city, the 500 Sport gets an impressive 30 mpg. The outstanding efficiency is thanks to its Multi-Air, Inline 4 engine. The practical engineering garners plenty of power from a meager 1.4-Liter displacement capacity. Choosing the Sports edition gets the driver great extras for dynamic city driving that include enhanced steering calibrations and shock tuning.

Focus Your Efforts

The Ford Focus is quickly becoming a staple of efficient design and conservative engineering that focuses primarily on performance. The Focus is also uniquely suited for city driving when the hatchback is purchased. This model offers utility without excessively raising the price tag or sacrificing style. Drivers consistently praise the vehicle for its smooth ride and sure handling, making it an ideal choice for city drivers who are looking for value and durability.

Safety in the City

Chevy’s Cruise Eco builds upon the success of its hybrid cousin, the Chevy Volt. Although this engine is fueled by petrol, the efficiency still lives up to the Eco-portion of its name. The interior also features upgrades from which anyone living life on the go in the city can benefit. Touchscreen navigation and a plethora of safety features eliminate a great deal of the stress that can come with city driving. Among these valuable features are parking-assist cameras and sensors, cross-traffic alerts, and lane departure warnings.

Zipping from Place to Place

The Dodge Dart delivers the kind of performance that its name suggest. It features great pick-up off the line and nimble handling, allowing drivers to zoom from one landing spot to another with very little effort. This car also lives up to Dodge’s reputation for creating vehicles with a long lifespan. Technically qualifying as a Sedan, the Dart draws its strength from the 4-cylinder, turbo-charged engine beneath the bonnet. Ideal for both the city and highway driving, the Dart hits the mark in every way that counts.

Perfectly Balanced

Volkswagen appears on the radar with the Hybrid Jetta. This car is another Sedan that finds a wonderful balance between providing space and packing a punch into a small package. It excels the most when one considers the efficiency of the engine. Earning 42 mpg in the city, this well-crafted hybrid puts its 170 horsepower capability to good use. The driving experience is also superior to many vehicles in its class. The entire cabin tends to be focused on the driver. When this factor is combined with its extra-responsive handling, the result is a fun and empowering drive.

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