5 Tricks Of The Trade Buying A New Car

5 Tricks of the Trade Buying a New Car

If you’re replacing your old car with a new one, then you’ll want the best price. Unfortunately, car salesmen have more tricks than Paul Daniels up their sleeve, and your new car could turn out to be a very expensive ‘great deal’ indeed. So read on for a guide to some of the most common tricks of the used car trade, all perfectly designed to make them more money!

For One Day Only

Salesmen love to apply the pressure by pretending an offer only stands for one day. Believing you have no time to consider will only lead to poor and hasty decisions – so don’t fall into this common trap.

Just Hanging Around

Ironically, rushing you into making a decision can also be helped along by the dealer keeping you hanging around. And the longer you spend on the forecourt, gives the dealer the advantage of trading on your impatience and clinching a deal. Watch out for ‘lost keys,’ unnecessarily long talks about finance, and even fifteen minute ‘disappearance tricks.’

The Price is not Right

A very common trick is for a dealer to give you a verbal price on a car that’s cheaper than any other. They’ll then encourage you to shop around to find a deal as cheap as the one you’ve just been offered. You spend hours visiting other dealers, only to find there is no better offer around. You return to the first dealer, who then engages you in conversation for over an hour, about ANYTHING BUT THE PRICE. Using all of his soft sell strategies, he’ll probably even invite you for another test drive, all the while building up to his trump card. Finally, you agree to take the car, and the dealer has a word with the manager. Result? There’s been a mistake and the original price quoted was wrong, and it’s more! At this point, they will ask you what the best price you were quoted by other dealers was…..and hey presto, after more ‘talks with the manager’ suddenly the dealer can do it at that price. So exhausted are you after all that – you just buy the car anyway!

Painting you into a Corner

Hard eelling the buyer of a car paint protection for £300 is a common scam, offering very poor value for money. Instead protect your shiny new car with car ceramic coating. This will protect your paintwork from weather, chemical pollutants, bird lime and hydrocarbons. For the best finish and most protection. Aspects Valeting supply and apply high quality coating used by Formula One, and guaranteed for five years. Click here for more information.

Deal or no Deal?

Instead of relying on a dealers finance, try and organise your own. Many dealers will use it as a sales tool, by telling you that they have given you the best price on a vehicle they can, but to make up for it they’ll offer you a better interest rate on a finance deal. However, as you’ve no idea what that would have been, then you can end up paying as much, if not more for your car finance than anywhere else.

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