5 Warning Signs for Senior Drivers

When we get older one of the unfortunate changes that can happen to us is that driving our vehicles can become more difficult and more prone to accidents.

Reduction of Reflexes

One of the annoying things that can happen to us is a reduction in the speed of our reflexes. For everyday life this is a slight annoyance but for driving your car it can become dangerous. It’s dangerous because we have to react quickly on occasion when another driver makes a mistake or a pedestrian walks in front of your vehicle, for example. There are some things you can do to help improve your reflexes. They don’t always work but you can play various reflex games such as juggling or getting a friend to drop different objects at random times and from different heights for you to catch them.

More Times Where You Nearly Have an Accident

If you notice you get into situations where you almost have an accident then it’s a sure sign that you need to take things more slowly. When I say accident it can also be just a close call where you may have changed lanes too close to a car in the other lane. Try keeping a log of these close calls so you can see how often they occur over a couple of weeks.

Forgetting to Signal

This is another common sign where you take a turning or junction without using your signal lights. Try to get into the habit saying a reminder word such as ‘signal’ when your approach a junction. If you keep using this word to remind you that you need to signal, eventually it should help reduce the times you forget.

Forgetting Previously Used Routes

Getting lost while trying to find a new location is very common for most people of all ages but what can affect people of the older generation is forgetting routes that you’ve driven on a number of times. You can do a number memory games which can help improve this situation. Like reflexes, the success of these memory games can vary but I do recommend people at least try things like crosswords and scrabble.


Hesitating at junctions, roundabouts and other critical points in driving is another area which can worsen in your later years. And hesitating may not seem like a particularly dangerous thing to do but actually it can be. If you hesitate too long at a junction for example, another driver may decide to drive around you or do some other stupid move which can potentially cause an accident.

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