5 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance in 2012

In this article, we are going to look at a few different ways of reducing the cost of your car insurance. You do not need to be any sort of miracle worker to accomplish this. Instead, you mainly just need to think about what your insurance company would like to see. Fulfill those expectations and you are well on your way to saving money.

1. Drive Safely

I know it seems obvious, but this is still worth mentioning because it is the single most important factor for reducing the cost of your car insurance. Your no-claims discount is worth its weight in gold. So long as you can show your insurers that you have a good driving history with no claims (or few of them), then you stand a good chance of getting a significant discount. This is because the insurance company treats you as less of a liability than drivers with a worse history.

2. Get A Good Alarm

Your insurance policy also covers theft, so anything you can do to make your vehicle more secure, especially at night, will be reflected in the price of insurance. A good alarm and immobilizer system can easily pay for itself in a couple of years. When your car is less likely to be stolen, the premiums drop rapidly.

3. Keep It Garaged

If you have the choice, make sure that you keep your car garaged as much as possible. Statistically, cars that are kept in garages are far less likely to suffer theft or vandalism than those left out in the open. Even keeping your vehicle in a driveway can lower your premiums significantly compared to if you keep it on the street. Again, make things easier for your insurers and they will make things easier for you.

4. Better Neighborhoods, Better Prices

The area in which you live plays an important part in the cost of your insurance. Car insurance varies depending on location because so do theft and vandalism. If you live in a safer environment, let your insurance company know, because you might be surprised what benefits you can get if you live in a quiet suburb rather than a busy street.

5. Limit The Miles On Your Classic

This final tip is for classic car owners. You might be surprised to learn that classic cars are actually not all that expensive to insure so long as you are prepared to limit the number of miles you drive them each year. Dedicated classic car insurance policies can work wonders to make your vintage motoring dreams come true.

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