6 Instructions for Measuring Car Exhaust

A car’s exhaust pipe is intended to give engine fumes an exit route. This exhaust works properly when it is securely fit into the exhaust system. It can be challenging to measure an exhaust pipe because of its shape and location. The noise’s decibel level is also an aspect of the exhaust pipe that must be measured. The noise is created in the muffler and goes through the pipe. Measuring the decibel level and the exhaust pipe’s length are necessary aspects of maintaining one’s car and responsible ownership. Here are some instructions in measuring car exhaust.

Get Your Car Jack and Utilize it in Elevating the Car’s Back End

The use of the car jack will also help in your accessing the exhaust pipe in an easy way. The caliper must be opened which must be put around the pipe’s straight outside part. It is important to ensure that you securely position the caliper around the pipe before you record the measurement.

Position a Clamp Arm of the Caliper

You will do this inside while you leave another clam arm outside of your exhaust pipe. You must close the caliper so that the pipe’s thickness can be measured. Then record the measurement of the thickness of the pipe.

Make Use of the Measurements In Calculating the Pipe’s Diameter

According to the Global Security website, the measurement can be done by multiplying the exhaust pipe’s thickness by two, then subtract the resulting number from the pipe’s outside diameter. After you have determined the pipe’s dimension, you can make sure that the present pipe suits perfectly in the exhaust system.

Get Information on Pipe’s Decibel Limit and Noise Reduction Policy from Local Police Department

A decibel meter that has a built-in microphone can be utilized in testing the decibel level of an exhaust pipe to identify if the vehicle is legally operating.

Use Ear Protection Before You Test the Decibel Level

Your car must be packed on a flat surface at a minimum of 25 feet away from enclosed areas or buildings so that you can avoid the echoing of the noise. A website suggested holding the decibel meter microphone level with the pipe’s opening’s middle.

Set the Meter’s Decibel Level to the Human Ear Frequency

Ask someone to turn the car on and rev your engine to 50 or 75 percent of RPM’s safety limit. You must read the meter to identify if the decibel level of your car is within the legal limits.

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