6 Steps To A Holiday Ride

Do you love decorating for the holidays, but boast a home and lawn already bursting at the seams with festivity? It’s time to take it outside…to the car! Decorating your car is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays wherever you are—around town, on the freeway, or even on your family road trip. Check out these 6 steps to decorating your ride for this year’s upcoming holiday season.

Antennae Adornments

Small antennae toppers are the most subtle of car decorations, but they can still have a big impact. You can even make your own with a simply Styrofoam ball and paint! Here are a few ideas for Christmas and the winter season:

  • Santa head
  • Rudolph nose or head
  • Wrapped present

If you’re not interested in making your own, there are plenty of pre-made options available for purchase. Should you decide a simple topper is too plain for your taste, take the topper up a notch by adding a full wardrobe of clothes to a Styrofoam head! You can also wrap tinsel or a thin garland around the antennae length (skip this, though, if you have a retractable antennae).

Window Trimmings

Your car’s windows are the perfect place to start decorating. Here are some options to choose from:

  • Plastic window decals
  • Holiday sayings written in window marker
  • Festive scenes completed in window paint

Window markers and paint are fairly common and easy to find. Just make sure that any paint or markers you buy are specifically meant for car windows, and avoid marking on the car paint. Also ensure that any writing on the windshield is placed so that the driver can clearly see out of the window—you don’t want to have to explain to your auto insurance company how your holiday decorations caused a fender bender!

Rooftop Décor

The rooftop of the car is the most unused treasure trove of decorating potential. No matter what kind of car you drive, there are definitely opportunities to ring in the holidays from the rooftop. First, twist garlands around roof railings. Garlands aren’t all winter greenery—look for wire garlands, tinsel, and other banners for show your holiday spirit!

Another idea is to get a roof surfer. Santa can visit for Christmas with his reindeer, or maybe the Grinch is trying to commandeer the car! To add a roof surfer to your car, stuff an outfit with scrunched paper, pillows, and other materials to form a reasonable body. The legs and arms will be wrapped around the car and tucked into the doors or windows. Since this is a flashier décor item, it might be safer to save this element for the week of Christmas.

Grill Garnishes

Make your car’s first impression one to remember with some bling on the grill! Depending on the size and type of your car, you will have a different amount of space to work with. Adjust some of these ideas, according to your needs:

  • A festive greenery wreath
  • Rudolph’s nose (with antlers in the window)
  • Santa’s beard and hat

The hood and grill are perfect for creating a face for your car. Transform your car into a beloved holiday figure, or simply add some decorations.

Door Doodads

Since the door is one of the more used parts of your car, it can be difficult to have too many decorations in the way. You can, however, place large, flat magnets on the sides of the doors and body of the car. Magnets are easy to change out for different seasons, and they make a big statement on your car. You can print your own magnets with a kit from a local office supply store, or buy pre-made magnets.

Indoor Accessories

Don’t forget the inside of the car amidst all the decorating! Use the ledge behind the backseat of a sedan to set up a festive scene or display little holiday trinkets. Better yet, add a passenger or backseat driver to keep you company—who wouldn’t want St. Nick as their co-pilot? Ever thought of addign Christmas lights in your car? Why not try it this year?! Place a little figurine on the dash or hang some fun jewelry on the rearview mirror.

Most people spend a good portion of their day in the car, so why not make it a festive drive? With these tips, you’ll be on your way to taking your holiday decorating to the next zone—the auto zone.

Dean Saliba

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