6 Tips For Washing Your Car Like A Pro!

People prefer washing their cars by themselves for various reasons. For some, it is the bond that the vehicle’s owner, a car-lover, shares with the car. For others, it’s about saving money instead of getting it washed by professionals at the carwash. An automated carwash does the job in a decent fashion, but everyone knows that to truly get your car clean and shining, nothing beats a hand wash.

Here are 6 tips that will have you washing your car like the pros:

Don’t wash the car under direct sunlight

It may seem like a good idea to wash your car under direct sunlight; the water will dry up quickly and the sunshine will make your just washed car look dazzlingly good. However, in reality, the last thing you want to do is wash your car in a location where it is exposed to direct sunlight. The water has to be wiped off using a towel or cloth. Letting the water evaporate under the blazing sun will cause water spots, as well as streaking on the glass windows.

Start from the top

Normally, the base of the bodywork and the area around the wheel-wells is the dirtiest. A very common error is to target these areas first in order to get them out of the way. Always start at the top and work your way to the base of the bodywork. Gravity is your friend in such a situation as the soapy water cleans the car as it trickles down the bodywork.

Always hose off the car before soaping

Once you have prepared a bucketful of soapy water, hose down the car before using sponges and soapy water to clean the car. Hosing down the car will get rid of most of the dirt particles which can scratch the paint if they get caught in the sponge. It also prepares the car surface for an efficient scrubbing.

Rinse the sponge frequently

Always have a bucket filled with clean water at your side when cleaning the car; you will need it to rinse the sponge frequently. Once you are done with a particular section of the car, rinse the sponge in clean water before dipping it back in the bucket of soapy water. This will ensure that the soapy water does not get contaminated by all the dirt that the sponge will have picked up from the car’s surface.

Invest in microfiber cloths and a wheel-brush

In order to do the job right, you always need to have the right tools. Instead of using rags made out of your old t-shirts, invest in a couple of microfiber cloths. The new-age material is specifically designed to be gentle, while offering much better cleaning than your old Motley Crew t-shirt ever will. For cleaning the wheels, get a long-fibred wheel brush. It is much safer to use a wheel-brush on your precious alloys than a hard scrubber which may leave behind scratches.

Know when to wax the car

Most people can never figure out whether their car requires a new coat of wax or not. A simple test is to spray some water on the bodywork and see if the water droplets glide off easily. If they don’t, your car will need to be waxed. Just because your car is starting to look a little dull does not mean you have to wax it again; a simple wash might be sufficient to bring the shine back.

Keep these 6 simple tips in mind when cleaning your car and you should be able to recreate the magic of the professionals.

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