7 Mistakes To Avoid When Transporting Your Vehicle

It is essential to take great care when entrusting your prized possession to a car shipping agent, there are numerous issues which must be tackled before proceeding with the contract. The most common mistakes people make are easily avoidable:

1) Going with the first quote – never go with the first quote, there is no way to ascertain if the company chosen are overcharging you. Likewise, there is no way of knowing if they are significantly cheaper than other companies which in itself should also send alarm bells ringing.

2) Cheap is not necessarily best – sometimes, cheap companies are cheap for a reason and the real possibility that their service is sub-standard or that they have “cut corners” to be cheaper. This can be very costly in the end.

3) Not researching the company – this is yet another common mistake done which can prove very costly. Once you have chosen a company to transport your vehicle, take some time to research the company before entrusting your vehicle to them, this could be from past clients, website testimonials (beware of those too as anyone can make them up) – a good way of researching a company is by typing their company name on the internet and see what comes up. There are numerous forums in which people comment about these companies, you may come across independent comments from satisfied or dissatisfied past clients.

4) Not having any proof or evidence of the condition of the vehicle prior to transportation – If your vehicle arrives at your destination with damage that wasn’t there before, it will be your word against theirs, this is easily avoided by taking detailed photographic evidence internally and externally, date and time-stamped, ideally signed as form of evidence by the transport company before to departure.

5) Not preparing your car for transportation – Whilst the transport company will take certain precautions and carry out a number of checks before departure, it is also your responsibility to assist them too, for example by making sure there isn’t anything left inside the vehicle that shouldn’t be there such as food or drinks. Your vehicle will be on the road for a number of days, the windows will be shut and it may be sunny and hot so any food left inside a vehicle will not leave a pleasant aroma.

6) Not telling the transport company of any mechanical problems – It may be that your vehicle drives but has some intermittent mechanical problems such as battery or starter-motor for example. If you fail to inform the transport company that your vehicle has some intermittent faults, when it comes to load it to the transporter, if it won’t start, they may consider it as a non-running vehicle and it may not be transported therefore missing out your allotted slot.

7) Finally, failing to use the appropriate method for transporting your car – There are open and enclosed trailers in which your vehicle can be shipped, if for example you have a soft top vehicle with a faulty hood, then transporting it in an open trailer may not be the best option!

These are the top seven mistakes committed most frequently which as you can see, with a little bit of thought and research can be avoided.

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