7 Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

When a teen gets his or her license it is one of the highlights of life. It symbolizes the freedom and a stage of accomplishment that is important to reach. Once that goal is reached there are seven safety tips for teen drivers that will keep that important license available for their freedom.

The Rules
1. Never multitask while driving.
2. Always wear a seat belt.
3. Pay attention to the road.
4. Don’t drive your friends.
5. Never drink and drive.
6. Never drive when you are tired.
7. Obey all driving rules for the road.

The list is handy, but a description normally helps people remember why the list is so important and what each tip really means. It isn’t just a list to obey. It isn’t easy either. Most teens forget it in less than one day. Read on to help yourself recall the tips so you don’t end up loosing the one thing that means more to you than most things today.

The Details

Multitasking sounds great in theory. It gets things done. Let’s look at the details of what it means when driving though. Imagine that you want to listen to that perfect tune while you drive. Then your cell rings. You are driving along and some person changes lanes and ends up in front of you when you were alone just seconds before. You reach for the cell as you tune the song and don’t see the guy that cuts you off. The next thing you know, you crash and are to blame. You could loose that all important license.

Imagine you aren’t wearing the seat belt when this happens. You are then not only about to loose your license, but you also could be permanently damaged from the accident. You could even end up dead. While it might be dramatic, it is also very important to note. That is why you need to wear your seat belt, pay attention to the road and not multitask.

Friends are great in life, but when you drive they can be distracting. They might offer a beer while you are out. Ask yourself who is going to drive home afterwards. Not only that, but as a teen, you are not legally allowed to drink. You could loose your license and end up in trouble for drinking underage. The same rule applies to driving while tired.

It goes without saying that all rules of the road should be obeyed for safety as well. If they are obeyed, then you will be more likely to keep the license and live a long life. It can be fun to follow the tips and enjoy your newly found freedom with your license. There’s more to it though.

The seven tips are a great start. There are other things, though that can get in the way while driving. Learning what those are as you go through life will be a personal journey of discovery. Paying attention to those things for better safety will help you avoid trouble and learn more about how to drive better. The better you get, the more you will be able to handle the difficult situations that will happen while you drive. Becoming aware of the seven tips can help you reach that goal. It also ensures that you won’t loose your license.

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