7 Stylish Motorcycle Accessories That Enhance Safety

When it comes to biking, safety is as important as style, if not more. Whether you are an occasional biker or a serious one participating in biking events, races and the like, you need accessories that enhance your safety, while making you look stylish at the same time. In this article, we take a look at some protective motorcycling gear that manages to punch together both style and safety for bikers who want to look good, and most importantly, ride safe.

Designer Helmets


Biking accidents are common and can happen at any time. During these situations, the most vulnerable area of your body is your head. Any serious damage to your head can lead to a serious skull fracture, and may even prove fatal. For this reason, you should invest in a good helmet, preferably one which covers the entire head and face. Open face helmets may be lighter and more comfortable, but they leave your jaw and face prone to injuries. Make sure that invest in helmets from reputed brands as opposed to cheap rip-offs which are not resilient enough to withstand the impact of an accident.

Glamorous Sunglasses


 If you are planning to ride your bike on highways or cross-country routes, it might help to use some protective eye gear. Bugs and debris might invade your eyes and cause discomfort and problems when you would least want them. Eye gear also keeps out the wind and sun, giving you better visual clarity without having to strain your eyes.

Stylish Ear Muffs


Certain earplugs have been especially designed for motorcyclists, which aid in protecting the ear. This kind of protection becomes necessary in high speeds, where prolonged exposure to wind noise may result in long-term ear damage. There are various laws pertaining to the usage of earplugs on a road or a highway, which should be carefully observed by motorcyclists.

Gorgeous Leather Gloves


You will find a lot of people who ride their motorbikes without using any kind of protection for their hands. If you look at their palms, you will immediately understand why gloves are so necessary. Riding without gloves for long periods can cause severe blisters and leave your skin rough and calloused. Nowadays, some gloves come with additional padding, which help minimize injury in the event of an accident.

Macho Leather Jackets


Jackets for motorcycling are quite different from those used casually. Several areas of the jacket are padded to ensure maximum protection when there are chances of injury. Motorcycling jackets can also be used to make a style statement.

Ankle-High Biker Boots

 You should be particular about the boots you wear while riding a motorbike. Preferably, wear boots with rubber soles as these offer resistance to oil, and are very firm and sturdy. It is also easier to control your bike during skids and swerves if you have the right grip on your footwear. Choose a pair of boots that provides adequate support to your ankles.

Sexy Leather Pants


Legs are the first to get burnt and chaffed during motorcycle accidents and these injuries can take weeks, or even months to heal.  Wearing heavy denim jeans can be a casual solution for bikers, but if you’re looking for some serious motorcycling, you should opt for leather pants that come along with padding and other crash protection features.

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