9 Eye-Opening Facts about ATV Ramps

Loading ramps, such as aluminum ATV ramps, are a popular pickup truck and trailer accessory among ATV riders and motor sports enthusiasts in general. It’s a convenient and sturdy tool that allows you to safely load ATVs (all terrain vehicles), dirt bikes, and even snow mobiles onto a pickup truck bed or trailer. But there are certain facts about ATV ramps that some people may not be aware of. Here are 9 insane (but true) things about ATV ramps you might find worth knowing.

  • Believe it or not, many serious and sometimes fatal accidents that occur when riding ATVs, bikes, or snowmobiles are caused by negligence and misuse of loading ramps. More riders get hurt every year from improperly loading their quads onto truck beds and trailers. The most dangerous part in the loading process of an ATV is midway up the ramp. This is where accidents generally happen when one is not careful. A variety of scenarios can happen, from the ramp itself giving way due to the sheer weight of the vehicle to the ATVs toppling over due to a simple misalignment between the tires and the ramp track. ATVs pack some serious weight, and you do not want to be under them if ever they tip over.
  • ATV ramps in general are quite sturdy. Most ramps nowadays are made from aluminum, one of the toughest materials in the industry. But just because they are tough, doesn’t mean that they are 100% safe. The human error factor still plays a huge role in many loading and unloading accidents. For instance, if you have a high pickup tailgate, you will need a ramp that is long enough to reach the ground in a safe angle. A ramp that is too short for the height of the truck bed means a steep angle of climb, which can be very dangerous.
  • Rollovers are a common accident when it comes to riding ATVs. As these machines can weigh hundreds of pounds, such accidents often result in serious injuries and even fatalities. Rollovers sometimes occur when a rider climbs or descends on very steep and unstable terrain. But more often than not, rollovers also happen in the loading and unloading process, which has caused more accidents than riding the quad in challenging terrain.
  • There are many different types of ATV loading ramps in the market, with varying designs and features. Each of these types has its own merits and drawbacks, depending on what you are using them for. The most common types of ramps are bi-fold, trifold, dual runner, and hitch-mounted ramps. These ramps are effective for certain uses, so you have to figure out what you need them for before buying.
  • Some ATV ramp designs serve as a multipurpose pickup truck accessory. These multipurpose ATV ramps can transform into truck bed extenders, cargo covers, and so on, depending on the model. Opting for this type of ramps requires careful consideration, especially when it comes to brands and manufacturers.
  • Dual runners are great for loading quads and snow mobiles, but they can be tricky when loading bikes. Again, consider your situation and your needs before buying a loading ramp.
  • There are four aspects you need to consider when buying an ATV ramp system. The first is the total overall weight the ramp is designed to handle. Calculate the overall weight of your ATV; this includes dry weight, fuel weight, accessory and attachment weight, the driver’s weight, as well as load and cargo weight. In addition to the weight capacity of the ramp, you should also consider the ramp style, the width (make sure it accommodates the width of your ATV and the truck bed/trailer), and of course, the load height (the distance between the ground and the truck/trailer bed). The load height will help you determine the safest angle for loading/unloading and the appropriate length of the ramp needed.
  • Loading ramps that are made from aluminum are strong and sturdy enough to deal with a certain level of abuse. To be on the safe side, though, make sure to use a ramp with the appropriate weight capacity.
  • Aluminum ATV ramps are significantly safer and tougher compared to ramps made from other materials. But even the toughest materials have a breaking point. Make sure that the ramp you choose is rated to do the job you need it for.

Use these facts about ATV ramps to help you choose the best one for you and your needs.

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