A Car For Your Family

A car provides mobility at your whims and desires. If you own a car, you can say that you are reliant on no one, and can drive yourself to any destination. It’s alright if you don’t have a car. With an efficient public transport system, you can be assured of reaching any place at the right time. Cars are not a necessity. They are commodities of convenience. The same goes for the family. A family can do well without a car. It’s not a necessity. But, if you do intend to buy a car for your family, you need to think through your choice of the car. A car for an individual and a car for a family are two different things. The latter is less about one single person, and about the whole entity called family. A family car needs to have space for the family, be efficient for running in times of emergency, be under a certain budget to not jeopardize the future of the family, etc. Overall, a car for a family needs to be spacious and efficient, and light on your pocket. Here are some cars that have been voted by families as the best that families should own.

If you have a big family, and love to go out together regularly, then a medium size SUV would make a great car. Why? Because of the space, obviously. Chevrolet Traverse or Jeep Grand Cherokees fall under this category. A traverse is especially great because it has fantastic interiors-cup holders, sliding second row seats, etc. This is a very child friendly automobile. You will hear your kids saying “I can do it” when you try to help them to buckle their seat belts. The Honda Odyssey is also a great car. This eight-seater minivan is a very smart car with indicators on the door and the blind spot information system. There are luxury SUVs too, like the Audi Q series. But ‘Traverse’ would be a more humble choice. These cars are great for community car-pools.

If you are not a fan of big cars, then do not worry. Family cars do not have to be spacious for eight to ten people. Smaller cars are perfect for four member families. They can sedans and upscale small or large automobiles. Compact or medium size cars would also be great. If you would like such a car, then the Chevrolet Cruze would be a perfect match for you. Ford Fusion or Honda City would do good for you too. The Honda is a very fuel-efficient car and the Ford Fusion, an affordable and good quality car. If you wish to get a luxury medium size car, then a Mercedes E class or a Mercedes Benz would be great. But again, if you can’t go for that luxury, you are not missing out on much. Smaller sedans like a Buick Verano would also be great. It looks great, is fuel-efficient and a nice car for a family.

None of these cars will burn your pocket. When you go for a test drive, take your family along. Drive the car like you and your family own it. And see if all of you like it. Everyone needs to like the car. Each member’s needs must be met.

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