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Car accidents are an everyday occurrence. You always have people who drive like total lunatics. Then you also have the innocent driver who never exceeds the speed limit or skips a traffic light. Whichever one you might find yourself to be, the chances are very good that you have either been in or witnessed an accident. Not everyone knows how to handle the aftermath of being involved in a collision and you can risk your chance of compensation if you don’t act correctly, so here are few pointers to keep in mind:

The do’s:

  • First up, make sure to call the police or authorities. If it looks like people may have serious injuries you should phone for an ambulance immediately. You cannot waste any time lives are at stake. When the police arrive, they will help to sort out the situation and file a report of the accident. This will help to identify the party at fault.
  • Even if you feel fine after your accident, you should see a doctor. People tend to disregard going to the doctor if they feel normal after a minor accident, but whiplash can cause serious neck and back injuries that only arise days or even weeks later. You don’t want to walk around with a cracked vertebra thinking it’s only a stiff neck or back.
  • It is of utmost importance to get all the information possible from people involved in the accident including drivers, passengers and witnesses. Take ID numbers, vehicle registration, phone numbers, and insurance information. If one or the other is not available, make sure to get some contact information and follow up at a later stage.
  • It is also helpful and easy to take pictures of the accident scene, since most people have cellphone cameras which are very useful in situations like these. Try to get a good a representation of what happened on your camera since this will also help with your claim if you were in the right.

It is crucial that you avoid certain things when it comes to an accident. Here are the don’ts to consider:

The don’ts:

  • If anyone is injured, you should not move the cars, unless it’s blocking traffic, but check with local police first. If you are unsure if anyone is hurt, you should leave everything as is. Rather be safe than lose the chance of claiming from insurance.
  • Never admit fault. People sometimes feel bad or emotional and make bad decisions. If you admit fault and the investigation proves otherwise, your chances of compensation may be affected.
  • Do not leave the scene. This is very important as it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident if you are involved.
  • Don’t sign any papers before you’re sure what they’re about. You might be signing yourself out of your insurance claim compensation.

These are only a few pointers to help you keep the already grueling experience of an accident, accident free.

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