Acquiring a Driving License in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most congested cities in the world due to its increasing population. As such, the government implemented giving out COE (certificate of entitlement) for people of the public or businesses to own a car. If you come from an average to well to do family, chances are your family owns a car. To get a driving license, you need to fulfill a few requirements.

Firstly, Being the legal age of 18. Secondly, you need to take both mandatory theory tests from either of the 3 driving schools. Namely, Bukit Batok Driving School, Singapore Safety Driving School and lastly, Comfort Driving School. Lastly, you need to have a provisional driving license. You can normally find a private driving instructor through websites or visiting the schools.

In my many years of experience listening to private driving instructors all over Singapore, I’ve managed to tabulate some common mistakes which students would normally make during the tests. Traffic police tests are not only expensive to arrange, you have to book the test date many months in advance to reserve a test slot. This makes passing on the first try even so important so that you do not waste precious time.

To start off, many students forget to check their mirrors as well as their blind spots before moving off. This is extremely important as there could be pedestrians or even cars around you which you won’t be able to see with just the mirrors in your car. As a result, this penalty can cause you up to 8 points in total if it occurs 2 times during your test.

If you are about to change lanes or make a turn, it is essential to look in 3 different places every time. Firstly, the rear mirror, secondly, the side mirror and lastly your blind spot. These 3 actions have to be executed in less than 2 seconds. This is important because you always need to keep your eyes on the road. As such, you need to be able to make quick decisions especially during peak periods.

Parking is an essential skill which you need where ever you go. As such, you need to be comfortable whether be it parallel parking or horizontal parking. Because during the test you are only given 1 minute to park your car, you need to practice till it becomes second nature to you. In addition, because of the structure of the parking lot. Many students often find themselves striking the kerb or mounting the kerb. Which is why an emphasis is placed on parking skills.

Driving is a skill that needs to be practiced constantly to be good at it. This is why you definitely need a licensed private instructor who can guide you in the proper steps of driving. Most lessons are not really expensive and you can always cater the lessons according to your schedule.

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