Acura TSX’s Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Acura TSX: Versatility and Reliability

The Acura TSX was introduced in 2003 and is considered an entry-level luxury car. It was the smallest Acura vehicle from 2008-2013 and remains a very reliable sedan for consumers. The first generation was offered with either a six-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic transmission. In 2005, Acura upgraded the TSX with an XM Satellite radio and power controlled passenger seats. A few interior features were upgraded, such as the Multi-Informational Display panel and two-position memory driver seat power adjustments.

How did the TSX start out?

The TSX actually comes from a long family line starting with the Acura Integra onto the RSX. The Integra was manufactured from 1985-2006 and was widely raved, even being named as the best front wheel drive cars in 2006. The Integra was also considered to be a very luxurious sports car and had a very high rating on handling and performance. Based on the popularity and great reviews, it’s safe to say that the subsequent introduction of the TSX would be just as fantastic.

The RSX was also another highly regarded pre-TSX vehicle that was manufactured from 2001-2006. It was the entry-level Acura vehicle and very popular in the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) culture. Although it was popular and a strong seller, the RSX didn’t really fit Acura’s worldwide brand strategy and the manufacturer stopped selling RSX models in 2006. This paved the way for the TSX to become the new entry level Acura vehicle in 2007 and start the revamp of the brand into a more luxurious sphere.

Are there any special features of the TSX?

The TSX is highly regarded as an extremely safe vehicle that has Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure to protect the occupants from accidental impact. A really great thing about the TSX is that it has many luxury features that come standard with the vehicle. Features such as memory power driver’s seat, dual zone climate power control, leather seats, USB music port, and Xenon headlights are standard features in the base models that other car manufacturers would have charged a premium package for. The luxury features without the luxury price is what makes the TSX so appealing to consumers. Where else can you get all of these luxury options in a base model?

Acura also added the sport wagon version of the TSX in 2011 to cater to families and people who actively partake in road trips.

Fans of the JDM culture can even mod their TSX with car upgrades such as new rims, new LED lights, or a new body kit. The fact that TSX is easily modified as well as reliable is what makes it a popular among the car enthusiasts as well as regular drivers as it is extremely versatile and a great choice of vehicle.

Does the TSX have any special commemorative models?

In 2012, Acura introduced a Special Edition model that sports a more aggressive front spoiler as a tribute to the old RSX. The couple of cosmetic upgrades for the 2012 model really make the car stand out and look special. The interior boasts suede seat inserts with a red backing. There is even red stitching on the steering wheel, seats, and shift knob that matches the red ambient foot well lighting. On top of that, the foot pedals were upgraded to aluminum.

These details that Acura pays attention to really show that the TSX is a great entry level luxury vehicle well worth its price tag. The fact that many luxury options come standard definitely puts the TSX above many cars along the same caliber.

What are the future plans of the TSX?

After the introduction of the ILX as the newest Acura entry level vehicle starting in 2013, Acura recently announced the discontinuation of the TSX to merge the TSX with the TL into a new TLX. The TLX was scheduled to start its first introduction and sales in mid-2014 but was pushed back to any time during summer 2014. The TLX is rumored to be most technologically advanced Acura vehicle to date and boasts an extremely user friendly interface. If you look at the history of how to TSX came to be, there is no doubt that the next stage with the TLX will be just as widely acclaimed and well received. Maybe the new ILX models of the future would come standard with more luxury features like new LED lights and improved sound system. Either way, Acura is known to be extremely consumer oriented so any vehicle produced by Acura would definitely be top notch.

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