Adding A Second Car To Your Family’s Garage

When my wife and I first got married, we had one car between us—a banged-up green Saturn that we bought pre-owned. It may not have been the sportiest car around, but it was dependable, and for a long time that arrangement worked for us. I had a job close enough to the apartment that I could walk to work every day, and she usually drove the car in to her job. Sooner or later, though, the inevitable happened: she got a better job farther away, and we had to move, which necessitated me getting a better job, also farther away, and us going shopping for a second car.

It’s something that happens to most families sooner or later. Even if you live somewhere that you can walk to work, or with good access to convenient public transportation, once the kids arrive it just seems like there’s too many places to go all at once. Not only do you have to drive to work and the grocery store, but the kids need to be taken to school and to sports and other after school events. And Kansas City is a pretty sprawling place, with lots to do out in the suburbs where public transportation doesn’t always run. The list of places you need to get to never seems to stop, and pretty soon one car just isn’t enough. And let’s face it, eventually those same kids are going to get old enough that they’re going to want cars of their own, too!

Whatever it is that spurs the decision to buy a second car, a pre-owned car can be an excellent solution. Pre-owned cars make great second cars for a variety of reasons, most notably that they’re cheaper than new cars, which can be a big factor when you’re looking down the barrel of adding a car payment. Many pre-owned cars have already passed their depreciation period (the first few years of a car’s life, after which it becomes quite a bit cheaper) and you may find yourself able to pick up a ride that was out of your price range just a few years before. Plus, pre-owned cars bought from a reputable dealer can be just a dependable as a new car, making them perfect for secondary cars, or perfect starter cars for kids just getting on the road for the first time.

Most of the cars in my family have been pre-owned, and we’ve always had good luck, because we’ve always made it a point to buy from reputable dealers, like Instant Credit Auto Sales in Kansas City. In addition to being Kansas City’s home for No Credit Check Financing, Instant Credit Auto Sales also has the added benefit of being a Buy Here, Pay Here dealer, which means that we didn’t have to deal with all the hassle of working with lending institutions before picking up our new (to us) car! We just walked in, found the car we wanted, and they were able to give us a loan right on the spot!

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