Advances in Automotive Painting

The primary factors that keep the job of automotive service technician such a continually in-demand field are the sheer availability of vehicles, the lack of general expertise in maintaining them, and the fact that they inevitability break down. There are many options available for preparation and subsequent on-the-job training to begin auto careers.

The Jobs of an Auto Mechanic and Service Technician

Automotive careers provide you with multiple options upon entering the work-force, given the many functions that go into making and servicing a car. The bulk of your post-formal-training career will be spent familiarizing yourself with specific types of cars, now that you have the general mechanics down pat. Afterwards, you can choose to specialize in servicing BMWs, speed racers, diesel trucks and others. Each aspect of a vehicle is involved enough to invite specialization:

  • Auto Body Work
  • Windshields
  • Brake System

In automotive careers, the courses to which you’re exposed will render you capable of entering into any of these specializations (or several, if you desire). And, as a constantly improving field, there are options on the horizon that grow ever more attractive for beginning and seasoned mechanics.

Crucial Developments in Automotive Body Painting

In fact, there is more to in the automotive industry than fixing cars, because many people desire touch-ups, tune-ups and other accessories added to their cars – which is precisely the thing you’re uniquely qualified to do correctly. A popular amendment to their vehicles that people come in for is automotive painting, because changing the coat of a car is much different than other forms of painting and must usually be handled professionally.

It isn’t immediately obvious, but the coat of paint on a car is one of the most important aspects of the chassis. After all, just like most surfaces, it is subject to breakdown because of UV rays, weathering, abrasive substances and more. Advances in automotive painting, however, have greatly improved the sealants employed, driving the demand for more specialists in automotive finishing. Consider some of the benefits that these advances confer on your car:

  • the see-through coating option protects your car from the sun’s destructive UV rays
  • the paint is specially constructed to resist scratches, scrapes and even small rocks thrown forcefully against it
  • some models of automotive painting even have a “healing factor” that comes from chemical bonding with an elastic substance, meaning that any scrapes that do get through will erase themselves in hours to days
  • protection against rust, which is the primary reason for eventual degradation of a car’s exterior

In addition to keeping your car looking in top-notch condition while you’re driving, automotive painting also preserves the value, should you decide to sell it. All the time, effort and money you poured into restoring paint jobs in the past is pretty much recouped – or outright avoided because of advancements in body painting. It’s an exciting and improving field that further expands the horizons of a graduate from auto mechanic school.

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