The Aftermath Of A Motorcycle Accident

We all try to avoid them as best we can. We all know that prevention is better than cure when it comes to involvement in a road traffic accident. Despite our best efforts however, accidents do happen. When it comes to motorbike riders, serious injury and fatality is more likely due to the exposure faced by the rider. Riders do not have the luxury of a seat belt or airbag to protect them and their body will suffer significant impact during an accident. Motorbike users are amongst the group of most at risk road users, along with cyclists and pedestrians.

Every rider should be aware of the code of conduct of the roads and be particularly aware of other road users. The vast majority of motorcycle accidents involve another road user, who often times has failed to see the motorcycle, leading to a collision. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, it is vital that you stay calm. Make sure you take the actions necessary to keep yourself safe and protected from further harm, as well as take the necessary steps to move forward in the aftermath of the accident.

Carry on Biking have put together this checklist to help you be proactive in the aftermath of an accident:

Stay calm – Don’t become aggressive towards anyone else involved in the accident. This will potentially cause dispute later on when it comes to making a compensation claim. Stay in control; maintain calm behaviour so you are better placed to take details.

Stay safe – Make sure you are in a safe place and not exposed to further harm. Are you in the middle of a busy road? Are you likely to be in the path of oncoming traffic? Does your position pose a danger to other road users? If your injuries are severe you won’t be able to move, but if they allow; move yourself to a safe place before you proceed.

Keep others safe – Again, if your injuries are not severe and you are able, turn on your hazard lights, use any reflective cones that may be available from any other local vehicles. It is important to prevent further accidents and alert other traffic to your position and the potential threat it poses to them.

Are you hurt? – Check your injuries. If you suspect you might be badly hurt, it is best to stay where you are. Any spinal injuries can be aggravated and escalate if not treated by a professional and you are not moved correctly.

Did anyone see? – Are there any witnesses to the event? It is a sad fact that witnesses sometimes flee the scene because they don’t want to get involved. If any are still at the scene, get their details, they may well form part of your compensation claim later on.

If your injuries are severe you will have been taken to hospital in an ambulance. Don’t worry! The police will collate all the necessary details for you and pass them on to you as soon as you are well enough to process them. Carry On Biking is here for you every step of the process.

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