An Easy Guide to Changing the Oil on the Ford Fusion 2009 Model

The Ford Fusion is one of the United States’ most popular motor vehicles, with a well deserved reputation for easy handling, in-expensive replacement parts, and reliability.  Typically they are very easy cars to maintain, and if you own one yourself and are not mechanically minded, then there will come a point in the future when you will need to do a full oil change.   You should look to change the oil at least once every 12 months – because if you do so, then you are going to help extend the life of the car plus it will be easier to sell in the used car market should you decide to upgrade to a newer model.

The “how to” guide presented below has been written with the view that anyone can change the oil on a Ford Fusion, given the correct guidance and right tools.  Please note that this guide applies to the 2009 model of the Fusion, although you can essentially use this guide also on other models, with just a few small changes to where the oil filter is placed.

The 2009 Ford Fusion comes with a 2.3 liter Duratec Engine which is a greener option as it uses an eco-friendly oil filter – small difference being that the metal waste does not build-up due to the improved filter cartridge.  If you do decide to follow this guide then you are going to also need to replace the paper filter – this is how you do it, with minimum fuss, little efforts, and step by step instructions.

What You Will Need

In order to do a full oil change on your 2009 Ford Fusion please make sure that you have the following items – most of which can be purchased at a low cost:

  • A new can of fresh oil
  • Sturdy socket and ratchet tool set
  • An old plastic container – this will help you catch any old oil
  • Rags that you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Ford service jack and axel stands that came with the car (look in the boot)
  • 1 x Ford Fusion Oil Filter

How You Change the Oil on a Ford Fusion

First thing to do is to turn the ignition on and leave the Fusion running for around five or six minutes.  The reason you do this is to get the car warmed up – and in particular the oil.  Being warmer will mean that the oil is less viscose – letting you drain it out and change it a lot easier.

Once you’ve let the car warm-up look for the oil drain plug.  On the 2009 Fusion models this is located towards the front of the engine, underneath the car.  Please don’t make the mistake of looking to the rear – as this was the position in previous Fusion models and years.

In order to gain access you will need to lift the car using your jack sets.  Once lifted, make sure that the car is secured safely using the axel stands.  You don’t want the car to wobble at all as this could be very dangerous.  To get this even safer then we recommend you do the whole job on as flat a surface as you have available to minimize risk to you and your car.

Once you are under the car and everything is safe you need to un-screw and remove the oil drain plug – but before you do this place a plastic container box underneath to catch and old oil that will start to run though.  Let the oil completely drain out and once you’re happy this has happened you can take off the filter cartridge system – this should, with a little encouragement, slide out quite smoothly from the aperture that you see.  There will probably be another leak of old oil at this point too so make sure your plastic box is to hand.

It’s now time to prime the oil filter cartridge.  It’s simple and you just need to take a using a small amount of new oil at first which will help to slide the cartridge back in.  Once primed, place the drain plug back in but don’t screw it in too tight because you don’t want to break the casing or threads.

You are now almost ready to fill the car up with new and fresh oil.   Again, this is an easy step so remove the oil cap which is underneath the Fusion’s hood (somewhere near the top part of the engine).  Then pour the oil in slowly and methodically.  Once you’re filled up you can lower the car back down off the jacks and then start the motor up again – leaving it to run for five or six minutes in total.  After that check the oil levels using your dip-stick and put more in if the oil does not come up to the line on the stick which is graded.

And now you’re set.  The last piece of advice to consider is that you should check that the oil levels are constant every two hundred miles.  You will soon know if there are any leakage problems, and a tell-tale sign is to see if you get any oil patches in your parking space.  If this happens you probably did not tighten up the gaskets and drain plug well enough – just give it a couple of extra turn tightens if this is the case and all should be fine.

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