Are Cars Bought According to Seasons?

Go back 30 – 40 years, in the UK we didn’t have the sheer variety of vehicles that we see on the roads together. Traditionally families would have one car which they would keep for a long period of time. 4×4’s were limited to farm vehicles or the new more fashionable jeeps designed for looks rather than ability. For the average family the thought of changing a car to meet the demands of the season were not only impossible from a financial perspective but also often uncalled for as people didn’t travel as far for work.

Spoilt For Choice

Today we have a huge variety of cars and models to chose from people are prepared to travel further to for their careers more woman are returning to work after having children and therefore the reliance on a car is much greater. Mothers no longer need to work locally as child care is much more accessible.

What this does mean however is that car buying has become more than choosing a vehicle for its performance or make you can now add to that its ability to perform in extreme weather conditions. It is much more important in today’s society that a mother with children feels safe in the knowledge that she can reach her destination without any issues along the way.

Not Four Seasons but Two

It has been stated for many years now that the best time to sell a Softop, cabriolet or open roof car was in the summer time when people can easily imaging driving along with the sun and wind in their hair. However the change in weather conditions together with careers and lifestyles has also meant that we are starting to see a trend in the amount of 4×4’s bought in the winter months.

Interestingly this seasonally activity is brought on by two totally different requirements. A 4×4 becomes almost essential in the snow and floods where as a soft top car is purely from a want rather than a need. This makes you wonder if car buying in the winter months will increase greatly against the summer period. Historically the winter months were the time to grab a bargain when buying a car but it could be that going forward this is about to change.

In answer to the initial question do seasonal trends affect the value of my car when I trade it in, the evidence would say that, although it may only apply to certain car types, it does seem certain that this is a growing trend that is set to expand over the coming years.

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