Are Current Driving Speed Limits Appropriate?

For many years now there has been an on-going debate as to whether the current speed limits should be lowered in certain areas whilst increased in others. There are activists fighting on both sides. Whilst there is significant proof as to the results of a difference in a person particularly a child being hit by a vehicle at 30mph and at 20mph there are those who belief that new technology has made it easier and quicker for a car to stop in all conditions and situations. Whilst there is no denying this, the fact remains that a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle will still suffer considerable injuries and that speed reduction can only be seen as beneficial, especially near schools and where there are children likely to be playing and where there is a chance of a child running onto the road.

On open roads, the story is very different as increased in-vehicle safety plus advanced breaking technology enables drivers to reduce their speed drastically in a much shorter period of time than vehicles could when the current speed limits where introduced. There are numerous countries in Europe who have increased their speed limits in recent times; on the other hand others temporarily reduced theirs in order to see what would happen.

In addition to car safety and technology there are other factors that have also influenced safety such as car design, whilst the original principle remains vastly the same, improvements and innovative designs have meant that drivers, passengers as well as pedestrians are safer now than ever before.

Controversially, the various ways in which laws are enforced as well as cases of drivers breaking the laws are detected have also contributed in bettering many driver’s behaviour as well as attitudes, stiffer penalties as well as heftier fines in worst cases are an undeniable factor in the reduction of accidents.

Better education for new drivers as well as courses for experienced drivers to improve their techniques such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists Test which is an advanced driving test in which the driver must display a higher level of car control and technique. In addition to this, in certain instances where the police believes that a driver may benefit from education as opposed to prosecution, drivers are offered the option of enrolling in a driver improvement course as opposed to being prosecuted for an offence, this means that a driver (this also applies to motorcycle riders) will benefit from being educated as opposed to being punished.

Taking all these factors which have so greatly contributed in car safety as well as in pedestrian safety, advances in technology plus education, is it still adequate to continue to have speed limits which date back many decades.

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